Although June may be the best time to visit Tibet — June, being warm and pleasant;  while August is the festival month— November is still a good time to visit Tibet. If you are, however, used to tropical weather, you may find Tibet in November cold and the dry. The temperature in Tibet may plummet to –5°C during this month, and its maximum temperature only reaches 13°C which is good enough for traveling around Tibet, provided you are well-equipped for the cold weather. The medial temperature of Tibet during November is 4°C with the average precipitation of 2mm and 71 percent relative humidity.

If you intend to visit Tibet during November, it would be good for you to know about the weather in this month. You also need to adjust yourself and take the necessary precautions when traveling around, given the fact that Tibet is situated 4,900 meters above sea levels on average.

What Should You Wear in Tibet During November?

When traveling to Tibet in November, you definitely need to dress in layers. You need to bring warm clothes that are fit enough for autumn and winter weather. As mentioned above, the temperature of Tibet during November vacillates between 13°C and –5°C. Hence, Tibet would be surely cold during the daytime, and undoubtedly nighttime is even worse.

During daytime, you also need to wear sunhat and sunglasses as protection from UV light. You also need to bring waterproof shoes and clothes because rainfall is still a huge possibility during November. At night, a thick jacket would surely come in handy because the nighttime temperature may plummet to –5 °C. Warm clothes and jackets will also come in handy if you would visit places like Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, or if you would go further to the Everest Base Camp. Overall, you need to take along these things—sweater, down jacket, winter pants, boots, hat, gloves, and scarf, snow glasses, sun block and lip balm.

Places to Visit in Tibet During November

Lhasa City
Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet, which is the primary destination of those who visit Tibet. Here, you will find the world-famous landmarks like the Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, Jokhang Temple, and many more. Of course, Tibet during November is without the fanfare of August which is the festival month of Tibet. But Tibet is still astonishingly attractive even without those festivities. In fact, it is also advantageous to visit Tibet during November if you want to enjoy the serenity of the place sans the usual influx of many tourists. Moreover, you'll be able to experience the unique winter atmosphere of Tibet during November.

Shigatse City
Another awesome city to visit during November is Shigatse. It would be good to visit Shigatse once you have already acclimated yourself to Tibetan weather when in Lhasa. While in Shigatse, it would be nice to take a jaunt at Yamdrok and Namtso Lakes; but there’s a big chance that you'll find it hard to reach Namtso Lake when the heavy snowfall happens. Moreover, Namtso Lake will be frozen during November.

Everest Base Camp
One of the most visited places in Tibet is the Everest Base Camp (EBC). Seeing and climbing the highest mountain in the world is a dream for most visitors to Tibet. Not all who want to scale Mount Everest. Many of the visitors being to EBC simply want to take a glimpse of Mt. Everest even from afar. You should ensure, however, that when you visit EBC, you are fully equipped with your (cold-prevented) gears and clothing.

The Upsides of Traveling to Tibet in November

Traveling to Tibet during November has its own upsides. First, you get to travel without the usual fuss that comes along with traveling with many tourists. Sincethere will be less tourists around in November, you will enjoy Tibet and its serenity. Secondly, you will also have a better chance of getting cheaper plane and train tickets as well as inexpensive rooms. Since it is not the peak travel season, you could save on your travel expenses. Hence, if you’re the type of person who likes to travel during offseason, traveling to Tibet during November is definitely a brilliant choice.

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