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Tibet Attractions

Located in the southwest of the Tibetan plateau, Tibet Autonomous Region is a pearl shining on earth. You can see people here chanting Buddhist scriptures, swaying prayer wheels, prostrating on the road, day after day, year after year, and these are what they do for a lifetime. The devout religious belief integrated into the natural landscape, which gives Tibet a mysterious overtone that attracts the outside world so much. People long for touching it, knowing it, unveiling it.

The top 12 attractions below should be on your list of must-see places during your first trips to Tibet including the landmark - majestic Potala Palace, the grandiose Jokhang Temple, the busy Barkhor Street, the highest mountain in the world -  Everest, the holy lake Namtso, the sacred Mt. Kailash, etc. For many travelers, Tibet is the one and the only paradise in the world which is not able to be replaced. If you come to Tibet, please don’t visit those places in a hurry. Try to learn the stories of them, your tour is more than a tour, but a journey to your soul. In your free time, please pretend yourself as a Tibetan local, learn a little bit of the Tibetan language, wander on the old streets, or experience an authentic Tibetan lifestyle by trying Tibetan food and butter tea.

This page covers places to visit and things to do in Tibet to help you plan a perfect Tibet tour.

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tibet

Tibet attractions by category: Natural, Monastery, History...

We have divided the attractions into different categories. Please check the related area that might interest you.

Natural Sights

Natural Sights

Many tourists prefer natural landscapes rather than human landscapes. Here's the list of the natural sights for those who like to take photography and just view the scenery.
Buddhism Monasteries

Buddhism Monasteries

Tibet culture is about Tibetan Buddhism. And the belief has been integrated into the daily life of Tibetan people. Here you can see Tibetan Monasteries everywhere in Tibet.
Tibet History

Tibet History

Tibet history can be ascended back 10,000 years ago. The well-known history is from the Tang Dynasty when the first king Songzan Ganbu married princess Wencheng. There're many historical sites and relics highlights deserving your visit.

The Arts

The art of an area is an important part of culture and history. You will find the flavor of Tibetan arts by following the sites below.


The Tibetan lifestyle also attracts western tourists, such as the prayer wheels, wind horse flag, mani stone, kowtow, as well as the scriptures. You will find those things are indispensable parts of the Tibetan people's lives.


Many tourists are attracted to the hot springs by its reputation every year. Here we list the famous hot springs, which are said to be able to cure many diseases.

Attractions in Different Regions

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