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Great Tibet Tour is specialized in arranging Tibet travel for foreigners, as well as other parts of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Xining, Chengdu, Guilin, Lanzhou, Yunnan, Hongkong, Chongqing, and Sichuan Group Tour, etc.

Among a great number of gateways, you may consider the following questions. Which city is the best gateway? Where's worth going? What do to in these cities? The best answer to those questions is to have an ideal travel experience of China Tibet Tours. Whether you are interested in history and culture or like to visit the natural scenery in Lhasa or anywhere else of Tibet, we can arrange a suitable trip for you. In addition, if you book the Tibet and China tour with us as a whole package, you don't have to consult many agencies for different parts tours of China to consume your energy and time. We can help you once and for all. The last but not least, booking a Tibet and China tour package with us makes the tour cheaper.

Most Popular China and Tibet Tour Packages

Great Wall

14 days Beijing Tibet Chengdu Train Tour

This is a great tour which will lead you to the three mighty provinces of China - Beijing, the heart of China; Tibet, the roof of the world; Sichuan, the land of abundance. You can visit all the must-see attractions of them by joining this 14-day private tour.
Have a circle of China tibet tour.
Beijing-Xian-Lhasa-Yangtze River Cruise-Shanghai

15 days Beijing Xian Lhasa Yangtze River Cruise Shanghai Tour

This 15-day tour will take you to visit the six famous cities in China from east to west. You will have an opportunity to visit the capital city Beijing. Then take a short tour to Xi’an. After that, you are going to visit Lhasa, the roof of the world then fly to Chongqing to enjoy the breathtaking view of Yangtze River as well.
Xining Lhasa Train Tour

6 days Xining Lhasa Train Tour

Taking a train from Xining to Lhasa is a good idea to get a better view of the ultimate beauty of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau with more comfortable experience and fewer reactions to high altitude. After spending a whole day on the train, you will arrive Lhasa to start an excellent trip around this holy land of Tibetan Buddhism.
Xi'an Lhasa essential tour
Xi'an - Lhasa

7 days Xi'an Lhasa Essential Tour

Xi'an to Lhasa tour is an amazing journey for tourists to explore the different culture in China. Tourists can not only explore the ancient Chinese civilization but also enjoy the various religious culture and breathtaking natural scenery.
Shanghai Xi'an Tibet Beijing Tour

12 days Shanghai Xi'an Tibet Beijing Tour

This tour will take you to explore China like an insider. From east to the west of China, you will visit Shanghai - the fastest growing city in Asia, Xi’an - the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Tibet - the mysterious holy land and Beijing - the heart of China. You won’t miss any highlighted attractions.
Shanghai Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Tour

10 days Shanghai Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Tour

During the Shanghai Lhasa tour, you are going to take a 2 days tour in Shanghai where you are able to visit Suzhou for appreciating the amazing gardens with a long history and natural beauty of Tongli Water Town. Then you are going to fly to Lhasa and start your fantastic Lhasa tour. During the tour, you can witness the man-made wonder including The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, various kinds of Monasteries. You can see the masterpiece of Nature such as Yamdroktso Lake and Karola Glacier,etc. and the highest mountain Everest in the world!
Chengdu Lhasa essential tour
Chengdu - Lhasa

6 days Chengdu Lhasa Essential Tour

The Chengdu to Lhasa tour is a wonderful tour for tourists. During the tour, you may experience two different culture. In Chengdu, you have a chance to see some cute Pandas, walk on the ancient street and watch the traditional culture show. In Lhasa, you can visit the world-famous Potala Palace, the ancient Jokhang Temple as well as the Barkhor Street, the largest market in Tibet.
The night scene of Victoria harbour.
HongKong - Tibet

6 days HongKong Tibet Tour

As “Pearl of the Orient” and the shopping paradise, Hong Kong is a modern and dynamic city of China. While Tibet is a city with traditional customs and culture. There is a 6- day trip from Hong Kong to Tibet. During this trip, tourists can travel from the most prosperous harbor in the world to the Roof of the World in the Tibetan Plateau.
Beijing Lhasa Train Tour

7 days Beijing Lhasa Train Tour

It’s a good idea to take a train to Lhasa from Beijing, the heart of China. Not only for the much cheaper price comparing with flight, but also for the awe-inspiring scenery along the way. The train crosses from the north to southeast of China, which shows you the half splendid landscape of this mysterious country within 40:53 hours. It’s quite attractive, isn’t it?

Top Things to Do in Your China Tibet Tour

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