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The Best of Ngari You Can Experience

  • by Larry
  • Last Updated: 2022-02-09

Ngari is a mysterious and beautiful place in Tibet. Ngari, also the ancestor of mountains and the origins of rivers. It’s famous for its great attractions like Mt.Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, and Gurge kingdom. Nagari lies in the highest area of Tibetan Plateau, its peculiar plateau feature attracts countless explorers to conquer. Lake Manasarovar and Mt.Kailash are known as holy lake and sacred mountain respectively. They are shrines to the Tibetans who believe both of them are the center of the world.

A trip along the pilgrimage road around the holy Kailash is both the toughest challenge and the holiest journey, the highest huge lake Manasarovar possesses the purest water of the world, and the disappearing Gurge kingdom has left to us one of the biggest mysteries of human history. All of these are in magic of Ngari, a hard-to-reach area but the most popular destination in Tibet travel.


Best Time to Visit Ngari

The best time to start a journey in Ngari is from July to October. The average annual temperature there is about 19 ℃ and the elevation of most places in Ngari is over 5,000 meters. There is a big difference in temperature between day and night. Even in summer, you need to bring your heavy clothes because the temperature at night could go below zero. Besides, the rainy season there usually begins in July and ended in September, it may bring the tourists some inconvenience.

The Best of Ngari You Can Experience

1. Make a kora circuit around Mt.Kailash

Mt.Kailash is a holy mountain recognized by the world. Also, it’s considered to be the center of the world in the tradition of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bonpo, and Jainism. Kailash is not the highest peak of this area but a unique one. With the shape of a pyramid, the holy mountain is distinct from all the other mountains there and only its perennially snow-covered mountain top could shine the incredible light in the sunshine.

According to legend, making a kora circuit around this holy mountain which is the symbol of pureness and mercy could take away the sins. Anyone who comes to Ngari would like to walk around Mt.Kailash to experience its majesty and mystery.

Lake Manasarovar
Manasarovar means a lake created by the will of God.

2. Enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Manasarovar

Manasarovar means a lake created by the will of God. As a holy lake in the tradition of many religions, Lake Manasarovar is one of the most famous lakes in Asia and around the world. It lies to the southeast of Mt.Kailash, at a distance of 30 km. With a large area, the lake is filled with clear and beautiful water. It’s said that there are treasures lying at the bottom of the lake.

As the king of the holy lakes, Manasarovar is not only of extraordinary significance to the pilgrims but also an unmissable place for the tourists who come there on a Tibet tour. It’s a place where the visitors could immerse in its otherworldly beautiful scenery.

The water in Manasarovar is described to tastes like pearls in many books and scriptures. It’s believed to have to power to wash away the sins in hundreds of past lives. Almost every Tibetan says the water is sweet. If you join a Mount Kailash tour package, you could drink some water in the holy lake, this would be an excellent experience for you.

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