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Most people are confused by the Northern and Southern overland routes from Chengdu to Lhasa tour.

The Sichuan -Tibet Overland Tour

Sichuan Tibet overland Tour including the Northern and Sourthern routes. Most people can't identify among the 2. Check the overview of what you would be confronted with when you take either route and find the best one for you.

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Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Tips

Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour is a transnational journey. Before this special tour, travelers need to know some tips about permits and visas and attractions.

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Most people like to take train to enjoy the scenery along Qinghai-Tibet railway.

Qinghai Tibet Railway

Info about Qinghai- Tibet Railway, including the engineering building, what to expect when you travel along Qinghai - Tibet railroad, What to see, what's inside the train, etc.

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Kids in a jeep, Tibet.

Family Tibet Tour with Kids Tips

If you want to explore the mystery of Tibet and broad your kids’ eyes, you can have a family Tibet tour with your kids. During this trip, not only can kids know about the traditional culture, but also they can communicate with local people. There are some obligatory tips for family Tibet tour with kids.

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 Many elderly people usually think twice about traveling to Tibet.

Is It Okay for the Elderly to Travel to Tibet?

With regards to the question of whether elderly people should travel to the highlands of Tibet, the answer is definitely a big "YES" for Tibet is an awesome place to visit, despite its high altitude. The cliché that old people should not travel to Tibet because Tibet is near or above the clouds is not true for there are plenty of people above 70 years of age who have made the decision to travel to Tibet.

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Tibet tour

How to Get to Tibet from HongKong

From HongKong to Lhasa, it is a long and tough trip. While there are four ways for travelers to arrive in Lhasa from Hong Kong. Among these four routes, the time of arrival varies from 6 hours to 3 days.

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Tibet is a dream destination for many travelers including the UK citizens

Tours to Tibet from UK

Tibet, reputed as the roof of the world attracts a large number of overseas tourists including the UK citizens. It is rewarding to take tours to Tibet from Uk

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The flying flag in Tibet.

The cost of Travelling to Tibet

Many travelers are left for the cost of traveling to Tibet. It should be noted that Tibet is not considered as the budget - friendly destinations in the world. In order to give a moderate cost for traveling to Tibet, there're some factors to put into considerations.

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Chengdu is the hometown of the adorable Giant Pandas

How to get to Tibet from Chengdu

Do you know how to get to Tibet from Chengdu? The following text will tell you the detailed information for traveling from Chengdu to Lhasa.

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Teahouse trekking is the reason for most of the tourists to trek in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

When traveling to Nepal, you may wonder what is the best way to explore Nepal. Indeed, trekking in Nepal is the best way to explore Nepal.

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Indians traveling in Tibet as a group tour

How can an Indian get into Tibet

For Indian travelers going to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you will be treated as pilgrims. Only Foreign Affairs Office of TAR and Pilgrim Center can arrange your tour. We also list the transportation ways for Indian travelers to Tibet.

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Tibet tour

How to get to Lhasa from Beijing

The whole kilometers from Beijing to Tibet are about 3753, and travelers will take forty - one hours to finish the whole journey by train. It’s important for travelers to know about the train information from Beijing to Tibet.

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Beautiful landscape of Tibet

How to get to Lhasa from shanghai

we have updated imformation for trains and flights from Shanghai to Tibet,check more info on Shanghai Tibet tour

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Nepal and Tibet tour

Nepal to Tibet Transportation

The route for Buddhist masters and scholars from Nepal to Tibet in ancient times has shifted to a famous route for most travelers in modern times. Knowing the information of transportation is the prerequisite before your Nepal - Tibet tour.

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Tibet trekking Everest Base Camp

Scaling Mount Everest via the Tibet Trekking Everest Base Camp

The trek to Mount Everest’s summit involves a grueling 28-km route across awesome valleys, gorges, and slopes. There are basically two primary base camps as starting points for this journey, namely, those of the Tibet Trekking Everest Base Camp and the Nepal Trekking Base Camp.

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Independent travelers cannot get tibet travel permit without a tour currently.

Permit without Tour

Some of tourists want to obtain Tibet Permits without tour while according to the regulations, it is impossible for us to help with Tibet Travel Permits for independent travelers anymore.

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Longda blessing

Unveiling the Mystery of Longda

Many people scatter scraps of paper into the sky for the purpose of seeking blessing from the God. Those scraps of paper are called Longda. Longda is printed with lection and patterns.

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Tibet offers great trekking opportunities to all trekkers.

Best Time for Trekking in Tibet

The Spring and Autumn time are regarded as the best time for Tibet Trekking. Throughout these period there's no railfall that quits your walking scenic tour in Tibet and also it's not too hot to stroll in the wildness of Tibet.

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