Tibet weather in June

June is a good time for traveling in Tibet for its the weather condition. Before you go, you may know what to wear, how to acclimate yourself, how to arrange your activities in this month as well as the places to visit.

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Lake Puma Yumco in Shannan prefecture is attractive.

Tibet Weather in May

May is one of the best time to visit Tibet with dry, sunny and cool weather. In May, the weather is getting warm with little rainfall, trees turn green, and flowers start to blossom.

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April is one of the best time to visit Tibet.

Tibet Weather in April

April is a fantastic month to travel to Tibet. The climate becomes warm, but it's better for tourists to take precautions before they come to Tibet. Visiting the Potala Palace and Barkhor street could be amazing for every tourist.

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Tibet Weather in August

Tibet weather in August is warm and comfortable because of the high altitude. It is also a rainy month and a lot of traditional Tibetan festivals will be held in this month.

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Lake Yamdrok is surrounded by snow-capped mountains in February.

Tibet Weather in February

The Tibet weather in February is cold and dry, but it is relatively better compared with January. Especially at night, the temperature would drop below zero, thus tourists should take warm clothes to prevent cold.

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November is still a good time to visit Tibet.

Tibet Weather in November

November is still a good time to visit Tibet. We will show you the upsides of traveling in this month and related travel guide accordingly, such as what to wear, place to visit, etc.

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December is the low season for Tibet Travel due to the cold weather but you can still enjoy the intensive sunlight during daytime.

Tibet Weather in December

Tibet weather in December, Travel to Tibet in December

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Tibetan September

Tibet Weather in September

Tibetan September is the peak tourism season. The climate is comfortable and cool. There are some recommended tours for this month, such as Lhasa tour, Shigatse tour, Yamdrok Lake tour, and hiking tour.

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Tibet Weather in March

The weather in Tibetan March is cold, dry, and sunny. You should take some warm clothes with you. There are some recommended tourist destinations including Lhasa city, Shigatse, and Nyingchi.

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Traveling to Tibet in January is what adventurous tourists dream to do.

Tibet Weather in January

It takes courage to travel to Tibet in January because it's the coldest time in a year. Tourists are suggested to know more about the weather in winter, and prepare well to start this journey.

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Tibet in autumn is glowing with golden yellow.

Tibet Weather in October

October is also one of the best time to visit Tibet, as the weather in October of Tibet starts to cool down with less rain and more sunshine. In October, Tibet is covered with golden yellow color, just like a fairy tale world.

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high-altitude sickness

How to Deal with Altitude Sickness when Traveling to Tibet

Many people worry about how to keep healthy when traveling to Tibet. The main reason is the concern of the high-altitude sickness. So, how to deal with altitude sickness when visiting Tibet?

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We will provide you this ultimate Tibet travel advice.

Tibet Travel Advice

We’ve summarized most asked questions from travelers and provide you this ultimate Tibet travel advice. You can explore Tibet without any worry or problem after reading this article.

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How to Travel to Everest from Tibet

Up to today, more and more foreigners choose to do an Everest tour from Tibet. So, how to travel to Everest from Tibet exactly? And, what should you pack for your Everest tour?

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The flying flag in Tibet.

The cost of Travelling to Tibet

Many travelers are curious about the cost of traveling to Tibet. It should be noted that Tibet is not considered as the budget - friendly destinations. In order to give a moderate cost for traveling to Tibet, there're some factors to put into considerations.

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Tibet Border Pass is required when you travel to some remote border areas in Tibet.

Tibet Border Pass

When tourists plan to travel to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash and other border areas between Tibet and other countries, the Tibet Border Pass is required. While, this pass can not be applied by themselves, and travelers should ask help from the travel agency.

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Take photos at the roof of Jokhang Temple, the landmark of Tibet.

Travel to Tibet from United Kingdom

Travelers from United Kingdom can fly to Kathmandu, then get to Lhasa by flight or road. Or else you may fly from London to mainland China, then to Lhasa by flight or train. Tibet Travel Permit is the necessary document so please book your Tibet Tours beforehand to get it.

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Travel to Tibet from Malaysia

As a remote region in Asia, Tibet attracts many travelers from Malaysia. It's convenient to travel from Malaysia to Tibet because daily international flights are available in major cities in China. Malaysian travelers can fly to inland China and transmit to Tibet.

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