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As the center of polity, economy, and culture of Tibet, the holy city Lhasa has attracted tourists from all over the world by its religious atmosphere and historic sites.

Ngari contains the most inaccessible part of the globe outside of polar regions. It is the final destination for making pilgrimages around the holy Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake.

Lhokha region is famous for the birthplace of the Tibetan people. It is favored greatly by nature. Marvelous mountains, Yarlung Tsangpo river, fertile land and pleasing climate constitute the featured landscapes.

As the prefecture with the lowest elevation in Tibet, Nyingchi is regarded as one of the last virgin tour destinations on the planet. If you are a fan of a pastoral scenery, you should not miss this fantastic land.

As one of the most livable county in Tibet. Bomi is known as the second Switzerland in Tibet. The climate of Bomi is mild and humid. With the immense virgin forests, wide variety of wildlife, and highly-valued tourist resources, this peaceful land is now open for travelers all over the world.

As the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse is rich in natural resources and ethnic culture. Especially, the highest mountain in the world – Mt. Everest is located here, which makes Shigatse one of the most attractive travel destinations on earth.

Gyantse is a county located in the east of Shigatse. It’s one of the historical and cultural cities of China with a great number of natural beauty and ancient sites. As a new tourist town, Gyantse become more and more popular to the travelers around the world.

Nagqu is the largest region in Tibet with vast grasslands, countless rivers and steams, virgin forest, and precious animal species. As an origin of ancient Tibetan civilization, Nagqu has splendid culture through thousands of years. The holy Lake Yamdrok and sacred Mount Kailash located there are integral parts of pilgrimage and must-see tourist destinations.

Chamdo is the important situation in the east part of Tibet. It will show you the cradle of Khamba culture which is the most characteristic part of Tibet.

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Best time travel to Tibet depends on what you want to see and to do in Tibet. To make it clear, we list the best visiting time according to your tour destination or actitivities you want to get involved in.

As residents in a modern city, more and more travelers from Singapore want to experience the unique culture and nature in Tibet. Tibet attracts thousands of international travelers every year, and it’s easy to travel to Tibet from Singapore.

If you are from Australia and desire to travel in Tibet, this article is just for you. Here is a detailed info about the documents you need before flying to China and Tibet as well as the transportaion from Australia to Tibet.

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