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tibet travel guide

Tibet Travel Guide

Aptly referred to as "The Roof of the World", Tibet is a beautiful and marvelous destination. It is always on many travelers' wishlists. Tibet features amazing and unforgettable tourist attractions including the majestic Mt. Everest, the sacred Mt. Kailash and captivating Lake Manasarovar, as well as the unique Tibetan Buddhism. Other must-see highlights of Tibet are the world-famous Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple wherein you will find numerous devotees and pilgrims who are fervently chanting sutras and turning prayer wheels and more...

There are many things to consider before your trip to Tibet, such as the Chinese visa and entry permit you need, as well as transportation, weather, accommodation, and meals, making sure every aspect is well planned. So, read on for destination collections, and travel info for a comprehensive perspective on Tibet travel. 

Captital: Lhasa
Population: 3.44 million (2018)
Area: 1.3 million sq. km (around one-eighth of China's total area)
Elevation: with an average elevation of more than 4000 meters.

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Top Travel Destinations

Tibet has lots of places worth visiting: religious relics, picturesque landscapes, breathtaking lakes, and majestic mountains. You may check below:


This is a place of spiritual purification, full of Buddhist atmosphere and exotic culture. Suitable for people of all ages to travel all year round.


Only the brave dare to challenge the extreme scenery. Here are sacred Mt. Kailash, holy lake Manasarovar, and glorious ruins of Guge Kingdom.


It has the richest travel resources, such as Everest Base Camp, Tashilhunpo Monastery, as well as the Gyiriong border between Nepal and Tibet.


It's regarded as the Granary of Tibet with its good climate and fertile soil. You will see rural scenery, Pelkor Chöde Monastery, "100,000 pagodas", ancient castles, etc.


With its natural landscapes and historical-cultural relics, Lhoka(Shannan) is known as the heartland of ancient Tibet and the cradle of Tibetan culture.


Nyingchi is the lowest area in Tibet. The beautiful peach blossoms, turquoise lake, lush forest, and the magnificent Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon make it a picturesque paradise.


Nagqu is located in the north of Tibet. The weather is cold and dry. There are rolling clouds, sparkling water waves, steep mountains, and vast grasslands.


Bomi is located in southeastern Tibet with the largest glacier group on the Tibetan plateau, also known for the largest peach blossom valley and beautiful primeval forests.


Qamdo is the joint location connecting Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan. Including one of Tibet's most beautiful lakes - Ranwu Lake and famous Laigu Glacier. 

Most Popular Tibet Tours

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Tibet Travel Tips

Here we have classified practical travel tips into sections to help you with every stage of your Tibet journey, from research to planning, from packing to traveling smoothly and safely, from food to sights, and from start to finish, you can find useful tips of your type.

Top Things to Do in Tibet

For the top tourist destinations in Tibet, we have made themed pages to give you the insights needed to decide what you would like to do in Tibet. Each of the attractions has its distinct charm, one of which will definitely impress you and stay in your memory forever.

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Tibet Travel Info