There are numerous grand festivals held in Tibet every year, such as Tibetan New Year, Shoton Festival, Saga Dawa Festival... During the festival in Tibet, it is the best time for tourists to experience Tibetan culture.

The main Tibetan festivals have strong religious characteristics. No matter what kind of festivals, they are closely related to Tibetan Buddhism. Activities such as pilgrimage, sacrificial offerings, prayers, and unfolding Buddhism images have penetrated into various festivals in Tibet. Nowadays, with the progress of the times and the continuous development of Tibet's tourism industry, the entertainment component of Tibetan festivals is becoming more and more intense. But no matter how it changes, during the festival, it's the best time to explore local traditions and customs.

Check the following Tibetan festival calendar and start your dreamy festival tour of Tibet!

Great Tibet Tour sorted out the new calendar of 2020 Tibetan festivals

Tibetan Festivals Tibetan Calendar 2020 Solar Calendar 2019 Solar Calendar 2018 Solar Calendar Active Region

Tibetan New Year
(The most important one)

Jan.1 Feb. 24 Feb.5 Feb.16 TAR
Butter Lantern Festival Jan. 15 Feb. 8 Feb. 19 Mar. 2 Jokhang Temple
Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival Between Jan. and Feb. Not yet issued Mid-mar to early Apr. Mar.25 Nyingchi
Tsurphu Cham Dance Festival Apr.10 Jun. 2 Jun.12 May.24 Tsurphu Monastery

Saga Dawa Festival
(The holiest one)

Apr.15 Jun. 15 Jun.17 May.29 TAR
Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival May 14 to 16 Jul. 4 Jul.14 to Jul.16 Jun.26 Tashilhunpo Monastery
Samye Dolde 
(Samye Festival/Zamling Chisang)
May.15 Not yet issued / / Samye Monastery
Chokor Duchen Festival Jun.4 Not yet issued Aug.4 Jul.16 TAR
Gyangtse Horse Racing Festival / Jul. 20 Aug. Jul.20 Gyangtse
Ganden Thangka Festival Jun.15 Jul. 29 Aug.15 Jul.27 Gandan Monastery
Nagqu Horse Racing Festival Jun. Not yet issued Aug.10 Aug.10 Nagqu

Shoton Festival
(The most popular one)

Jul.1 Aug. 20 Aug.30 Aug.11 TAR
Drak Yerpa Thangka Festival Jul.10 Not yet issued Sept.8 Aug.20 Drak Yerpa 
Damxung Horse Racing Festival Jul.10 to Jul.12 Not yet issued Aug.20 Aug.20 Damxung
Bathing Festival Jul.8 Aug. 26 Sep.4  to Sep.10 Sept.16 TAR
Ongkor Festival Between Jul. and Aug. Not yet issued End of Sept End of Sept TAR
Buddha's Descent Day(Lhabab Duchen) Sept.22 Not yet issued Nov.19 Oct.31 TAR
Tibetan New Year in Kongbo Area Oct. 1 Nov. 16 Nov. 27 Nov. 7 Nyingchi
Palden Lhamo Festival Oct.15 Not yet issued Nov.23 Nov.23 Lhasa
Butter Lamp Festival Oct.25 Dec. 10 Dec.21 Dec.2 Lhasa

Top 3 Tibetan Festivals

Saga Dawa Festival

The Saga Dawa Festival is considered highly significant in Tibet. It's celebrated during the fourth month of the Tibetan Calendar, for remembering the birthday, enlightenment, and death of Sakyamuni.

Shoton Festival

This post introduces one of the most important festivals in Tibet, the Shoton Festival, including the history, venue, and what you can expect during it, help travelers explore Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

Losar Festival - Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year, called as “Losar” as well, is the most important festival for Tibetan people. Where does it come from? When is Losar? What activities are there during Losar Festival? How do Tibetan people celebrate for Losar? Check this post and find the answer.

Most Recommended Tibetan Festival Tour Packages

Horse Racing Festival
There're very grand events at the foot of Mt. Kailash during the Saga Dawa Festival.
Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse - EBC – Saga – Darchen - Mt Kailash Kora – Lake Manasarovar - Saga – Shigatse – Lhasa

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