Shanghai Tibet Tour

Shanghai is an international metropolis in the eastern of China. It's the largest city in China. Many travelers prefer it as the top choice to witness the prosperity of new China. You can find so many landmarks there such as The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the World Expo in Shanghai and the Bund. Shanghai is one of the most important transportation hub connecting to Lhasa. Travelers may join in a Shanghai Tibet Tour to Lhasa to know more about the pure land remained thousands of years.

Lhasa is a Global Destination City to travelers all over the world. The ancient city becomes more and more popular to the foreigners. It's well-known for the beautiful view and religious culture. You must be feeling exhilarated by the images of snowy mountains, the sacred lake, and pilgrims.

Shanghai Lhasa Train Tour
You won’t feel boring on Shanghai-Lhasa train (No. Z164) even though it takes you 46:24 hours and covers 4373km. You can watch the stunning scenery outside of the window as well as enjoying the happy time with other friendly passengers in the same coach. After arriving in Lhasa, you will visit the significant attractions by following Lhasa- Gyantse-Shigatse route.

8 days Shanghai Tibet Train Tour

Shanghai Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Tour
During 1st 2 days, you will have Shanghai tour where you are able to visit Suzhou for appreciating the amazing gardens and natural beauty of Tongli Water Town. Then fly to Lhasa and start your fantastic Lhasa tour, during which you can witness the man-made wonder including The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, various kinds of Monasteries and the world's highest mountain Everest!

10 days Shanghai Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Tour

Have a circle of China tibet tour.
This 15-day tour will take you to visit the six famous cities in China from east to west. You will have an opportunity to visit the capital city Beijing. Then take a short tour to Xi’an. After that, you are going to visit Lhasa, the roof of the world then fly to Chongqing to enjoy the breathtaking view of Yangtze River as well.

15 days Beijing Xian Lhasa Yangtze River Cruise Shanghai Tour

Beijing-Xian-Lhasa-Yangtze River Cruise-Shanghai
Shanghai Xi'an Tibet Beijing Tour
This tour will take you to explore China like an insider. From east to the west of China, you will visit Shanghai - the fastest growing city in Asia, Xi’an - the ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Tibet - the mysterious holy land and Beijing - the heart of China. You won’t miss any highlighted attractions.
You will view the most essential scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau along the railway from Shanghai to Lhasa.
The train tour will be an unforgettable and unique experience in your lifetime. By taking this train tour, you will have 3-day Shanghai tour to feel the mix of tradition and modernity first, then experience the world’s highest train riding from Shanghai to Lhasa along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, finally arrive in Lhasa to visit Buddhism monasteries, view stunning nature scenery and discover the profound Tibetan culture.

Shanghai Tibet Tour Tips

Beautiful landscape of Tibet

How to get to Lhasa from shanghai

we have updated imformation for trains and flights from Shanghai to Tibet,check more info on Shanghai Tibet tour

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There's only 1 direct flight from Shanghai to Lhasa currently.

Flights to Tibet from Shanghai

Flight information from Shanghai to Tibet. Traveling to Tibet from Shanghai by flight is a convenient and time-saving way. At present, there's only 1 flight from Shanghai to Lhasa.

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Shanghai to Lhasa train map

Shanghai to Lhasa train

It is an incredible journey to travel to Lhasa from Shanghai as the train traverse eight provinces before climbing up to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The trip covers a total distance of 4,373km and takes around 47 hours to reach Lhasa Tibet.

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Travel Tibet from Other Cities of China

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