Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake, one of the holy lake in Tibet is an idea fort to take a spiritual journey.

General Info of Namtso Lake

With an altitude of 4,718 meters above sea level, Namtso Lake is the highest saltwater lake in the world. Namtso Lake, located to the northwest of Lhasa and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and thousands of acres of open grasslands is a favored pasture for local nomads with their yak herds.

Take a Spiritual Trip to Namtso Lake

Namtso means “heavenly lake” in Tibet language which is the closest lake in the world to the heavens. Among the three holy lakes, Namtso is a popular place for pilgrims. Surrounded by many sacred mountains, Namtso Lake is sure to be sacred as well by Tibetans. Namtso was considered as the home of protective god who is invested with special, spiritual power. There are five uninhabited islands in the lake, as well as a few rocky outcrops which have long been used as spiritual retreats for pilgrims. Every year, many devout Buddhists travel to these sacrosanct lakes to walk around the lake’s perimeter that known as a holy “kora”. Pilgrims will spend the summer on the island with enough food they carrying and walk across the lake’s surface in winter when it is frozen.

Look for the Ruddy Shelduck in Namtso

The largest island, sitting in the northwest corner of the lake is a home to many kinds of migrating birds that travel there twice a year, such as the Ruddy Shelduck and several species of cormorants. The island is over two kilometers long, only three kilometers from the shore.

Visiting the Tashi Dor Peninsula

There are also five peninsulas that just out into the lake from the shore. With Tashi Monastery, several karst caves on the land, the Tashi Dor Peninsula seems to be the largest peninsula in the lake. The karst caves are quiet grottos that are different in shape. Some are long and narrow, just like the subways of New York, while others are vast and domed, which filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The stone forest in the peninsula is a masterpiece of nature, comprising of dozens of natural stone peaks. Some of those peaks resemble tree trunks and some even look a little human in shape. These stunning shapes can really spark the imagination. With the caves, the stone forest, the natural stone bridges, and ladders, Tashi Dor Peninsula is filled with mystery and enchantment.

Best Time to Travel to Namtso Lake

Summer is the best season to visit Namtso when the grasslands are at their greenest and growth stages. And alongside the lake, wild animals such as black bears, yaks, wild donkeys, and marmots can often be found leisurely grazing. While the best photography time is before and after sunrise or sunset within half an hour. At sunrise, you may able to see the golden snow mountains of Nyainqentanglha and at sunset, you may see the north lakeshore of Tashi peninsula

How to get to Namtso Lake

Over 240 km from Lhasa, there is no direct bus to get to Namtso Lake. Hiring a car seems an excellent and convenient way to get to the lake. However, the road to Namtso is not very good and you should hire a suitable car, a 4WD is recommended. Meanwhile, due to the poor condition of the road, you shouldn't hire the car alone. You'd better hire the car together with other travelers.


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