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Tibetan spring starts from March to May. The arrival of March means the beginning of Tibetan spring. As is known to us, spring is a lively and warm season in most places. While because of the high altitude, Tibetan spring is still full of cold, snows, and ices. Because of the block of grand Himalaya Ranges, the humid and warm airflow cannot reach the inner land. Therefore, Tibetan March is not only chilly, but also dry. However, the sun is strong in March, and there are fewer clouds floating in the sky. And the snow-capped mountains can be seen clearly even in a far distance. March plays an important role for Tibetans, because the most important Tibetan New Years may be held in this month, which relies on the data of traditional Tibetan calendar. During this period, all Tibetans will immerse in a joyous atmosphere. Unfortunately, foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet during this period.

Brief Introduction of Tibetan March Weather

Generally, March is a dry, cold, and sunny. the temperature in a day varies differently. At night the average minimum temperature is only about -2°C, and the average maximum temperature is about 12°C in the daytime. 5°C is the average temperature of March. It doesn’t rain much, and the average precipitation is only about 6 mm. The weather is fine and sunny, and the hours of sunshine can last 8 hours. There are more than 15 clear days in this March. There is only one wet day(>0.1mm) in March. The relative humidity accounts for 72 %. What’s more, the oxygen content in March is lower than in other months, it only accounts for 30 %. Therefore, you’d better stay in low altitude places such as Lhasa for several days for the purpose of adapting to the high altitude sickness.

Average Temperature Average Precipitation Clear Days Wet day(>0.1mm) Relative humidity
5°C 6 mm 15 1 72%

Clothing Suggestion in Tibetan March

The temperature is still low in March, especially at night. You need to take some warm clothes such as a sweater, down jacket, winter pants, gloves, scarf, snow glasses, and boots. Because of the strong sunlight in the daytime, you should take some skin care items such as hats, sunglasses, sun block, and lip balm. Winter gear is needed in some high lands.

Recommended Tours in Tibetan September

Lhasa Tour

How can you miss the gathering center for Tibetan Buddhism - Lhasa city? Having a sunbathing in Lhasa city, wandering on the Barkhor street, enjoying a cup of sweet tea in a local tea house, how leisure the trip is.

Shigatse Tour

Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse is also a recommended place. The high altitude is low, and the monastery is grand. Besides that, Everest Base Camp is also a must-see place where you can enjoy the stunning sunrise of Mt Everest.

Nyingchi Tour

Nyingchi in March can be renamed as “Heaven of Peach Blossom”. Because of the lowest height, the weather in Nyingchi is warm. It is the best time to witness the blooming peach flowers. With the background of the white snow mountains, the color of the peach blossom is bright and charming.

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