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Tibet Weather

Tibet plateau is regarded as the "roof of the world" with an average altitude of over 4,000 m, due to the high altitude in Tibet and the temperature is usually lower than in the same season in any other city in China, it's a little bit harsh with thin air, strong ultraviolet ray and distinct rainy & dry season.

The best time to travel to Tibet is from April to Oct each year, with the best weather conditions and delightful sceneries. The average temperature is above 10°C and the oxygen content is comparatively higher than in other seasons. It's also the peak tourist season in Tibet.

July and August is the rainy season in Tibet, though it usually rains at night.

The best months for camping and trekking are May and September when it hardly rains at all. If you are going to visit Mt. Everest, April, May, June, September and October are good choices for you, as you are likely to see the golden summit clearly. In Tibet, the weather conditions can influence your travel experience a lot. If you are going to have a kora tour to Mt. Kailash, September and October are the best months to go. Not only can you make your trekking tour easier with the best weather, but also get wonderful photographs of North Tibet in Autumn. 

To plan a trip to Tibet, travelers need more information about the weather and climate in Tibet in advance, to prepare clothing and other necessary packaging accordingly.


The weather is beginning to warm up but the temperature is still low because the ice starts to melt, so a long-sleeve shirt, warm sweater and jacket are needed.


It's Tibet tourism golden time during these 3 months, many kinds of festivals are held in Tibet such as the Ganden Thangka Festival, Shoton Festival and Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, you can still enjoy watching the cleanest view of Mt.Everest and the true face of Mt.Kailash. A summer T-shirt, a long-sleeve coat, sunglasses and skin protection are necessary


The weather is most comfortable with sunshine in the day during these two months, the landscape is most beautiful as well. Bringing clothes similar to Spring would be okay.


It's considered as tourism low season in Tibet, the weather is getting dry and windy, because of the weather conditions and fewer travelers choose to travel to Tibet in winter, but less crowded, and tour prices are cheaper than in other months, you still could join the Tibetan New Year (between Jan and February ) and the streets will be colorfully decorated for this. Warm sweaters and down jackets are needed, and comfortable sporting shoes are highly recommended for all weather.

The monthly temperature and precipitation.
The monthly temperature and precipitation of Tibet on average, from which you can see the rainy season is Jul. and Aug. The temperature is mild from May to November.

If you are planning a lifetime tour, are you waiting for the right time for this trip? Before setting foot on this purest land, you must fall in love with Tibet owing to the attractive scenery in four seasons. If you still have questions about tour time in Tibet, we will show you all the details, then you will find out which month works for you.

Jan - Sunbathing on the Streets of Lhasa

If you travel to Lhasa, you will know how wonderful the sunbath is! Tibet's weather in January is cold with huge temperature differences between day and night. The sunlight in winter seems like a gift sent by God which brings warmth, hope and prospect to people. In the afternoon, taking a sunbath on Barkhor Street is the best choice to experience the warmth of winter. Enjoy the desserts in Anitsangkung Nunnery, and drink a cup of tea in Guangming Gangqiongtian Tea House, what a leisurely afternoon!

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Taking a sunbath on Barkhor Street.

Feb - Celebrating Traditional Festivals in Lhasa

February plays an important role for Tibetans because there are two key festivals held this month. The first festival is the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. And the other one is the Tibetan New Year. Not only can you have a grand visual feast, but also you can have a better knowledge of Tibetan culture. However, the bad news is that foreigners are not allowed to get to Tibet during this time.

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Play Tibetan Operas during Tibetan New Year

Mar - Enjoying the Peach Blossom in Nyingchi

Nyingchi in March is the paradise of flowers, especially the charming peach blossom. Although the temperature is low, the peach blossoms with bright colors give out a glamorous fragrance. With white snow-capped mountains, blue sky, and pink peach trees, you must enjoy yourself so much as to forget to go home.

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Peach blossom in Nyingchi in March.

Apr - Lake Namtso Tour

The ice on the surface of Lake Namtso begin to melt in April. The crystal-like ices are shining in the golden sunlight, which can be boasted as the remarkable wonder of Lake Namtso.

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The ices on the surface of Lake Namtso begin to melt in April.

May - Listening to the Sound of Breeze in Shannan

When the warm and humid airflow from the Indian Ocean flows across the Himalayas Ranges and by the Tibetan valley, the Yarlung Tsangpo River with more than 150 kilometers long in Shannan is covered by green colors. The vibrant forests stand like a natural green parclose, which keeps the sandstorms away from Shanan.

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The vibrant forests in Shannan.

Jun - Joining the Linka Activities in Shigatse

As is known to us, June 1st is International Children's Day. While in Tibet, they celebrate the day as the “Linka Festival”. The scene on that day is as grand as Linka activities held at the Shonton Festival. Everyone is sitting around the tents, drinking, eating, dancing and singing. Almost the whole city is bathing in a sea of joy.

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have Linka in June.

Jul - Cycling Along the Friendship Highway

July is the best season for tourists to cycle along the Friendship Highway. During this period, the snows on high mountains begin to melt and there's less rain during the daytime. Because of the summer vacation, lots of cyclists will choose this route and start their Tibet-Nepal journey.

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July is the best season to cycle along the Friendship                    Highway.

Aug - Nagchu Horse Racing Festival

If you want to travel to Tibet in August, you’d better have a tour in Nagchu. The fierce Horse Racing Festival is the highlight of August. This is a grand festival in Nagchu which attracts thousands of travelers and Tibetans. What’s more, August is the best tourist season for grassland in Tibet.

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Horse Racing Festival in Nagchu in August.

Sep - Ngari Prefecture Tour

With the clean and blue sky, let’s walk into the holy Ngari Prefecture to visit Lake Manasarovar, Mt Kailash, Goast Lake-Lake Rakshastal, Pangong Tso, Tholing Monastery, Guge Kingdom Ruins, and so on.

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See the clear starry sky in Ngari in September.

Oct - Enjoying the Golden Fall in Chamdo

Fall in Chamdo is dyeing the golden color. The weather is not as hot as summer, so you will feel very cozy and comfortable. Khampa Culture is the core of tourism in Chamdo. Enjoy the picturesque landscape, and experience the unique Kangba Culture.

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Enjoy the Golden Fall in Chamdo, Tibet.

Nov - Namcha Barwa Trekking Tour in Nyingchi

Tired of city life? Why not refresh yourself in nature, and have a trekking tour? Every year from October to November, Nyingchi is covered in golden color. During this season, it is very easy for tourists to see the Mountain Namcha Barwa from a far distance. Having a trekking tour in Nyingchi is the primary plan for you.

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Nyingchi is covered in golden in November.

Dec - Visiting the Glaciers in Shigatse, and Trekking in Gyirong

Shigatse possesses the most beautiful views in December. Although the temperature is low, you can still enjoy the crystal-like glaciers in front of the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. Trekking in Gyirong and enjoying the views of the Nepal and Tibet border is the best experience.

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Trekking in Gyirong Valley

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