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In February, the weather is still cold and dry, and most regions of Tibet are covered with snow. There exits a large temperature difference between day and night in October, and temperatures even drop well below zero at night. At daytime, it is around 9℃, and it drops to -6℃ at night. Even it is a little cold and the air is thin in the October of Tibet, the weather is more pleasant during the day than most mainland cities of China.

What to Wear in February?

Because of the cold weather in February of Tibet, you should take warm and thick clothes that can keep you warm. Therefore, thermal clothing, down jackets, sweaters, jackets, gloves and warm shoes are suggested. Even in some hotels and restaurants, you still need to wear your coat, as there is no central heating in most of them. The ultraviolet radiation is intense in Tibet, so a sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary.

What to Do in February?

In February, Nagri and Nagchu are too cold to have a sightseeing, and the weather at night becomes extremely chilly. Therefore, Lhasa, Shannan, and Nyingchi are recommended to travel all year round.

  1. Lhasa City

Known as the “City of Sunlight”, Lhasa is a great place to have a tour in Winter, as it is relatively warmer than many cities. In Lhasa city, you can explore the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Barkhor Street, and Norbulingka in the warm sun. 4-day tour in Lhasa is enough for you to enjoy majestic attractions and sacred Buddhism culture.

Moreover, there are two important traditional festivals in February, including the Chinese Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year. It is a great time to enjoy the Tibetan culture and food by celebrating these festivals.

  1. Lake Namtso

In February, Lake Namtso is frozen with the breathtaking view, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Namtso in winter, with the distinctive landscape, is fascinating like a fairy tale world. The cold weather in winter makes the flowing lake frozen immediately, and it forms the wavy ice on surface. Although the scenery of Lake Namtso is stunning in winter, the road is probably not accessible.

  1. Shigatse

In February, some roads of Tibet would be blocked out for the cold weather and heavy snow. While the road condition of Friendship Highway is much better, then you can choose to enjoy the sightseeing along this highway. During the way, you will pass the Shigatse which is the second-largest city in Tibet. Therefore, you can explore the Tashilhunpo Monastery which is a big ancient monastery in Shigatse with 5,000 monks.

  1. Mount Everest

Mount Everest in February is cold, while you can view the most beautiful and clearest scenery of it. 

Other Tips:

  1. In late February, Tibetan New Year would be held, thus Tibet is not open for foreign travelers and the Tibet Travel Permit is not issued until the late March to early April.
  2. February is one of the low seasons of Tibet tourism, and tickets and accommodation are much cheaper with fewer crowds.
  3. In February, the altitude of Tibet is extremely high, with low oxygen level. Therefore, when arriving in Tibet, you should take a good rest first to get acclimatized to the high altitude.
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