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Great Tibet Tour offers you scenic Tibet train tours from major Chinese provincial cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xián and Xining to Lhasa. Besides the well-designed itineraries with Tibet Travel Permit provided, we also offer a Tibet train booking service. Easy breezy one-step solution for your Tibet travel.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the highest railway in the world, which extends 1,956 kilometers from Xining, Qinghai Province to Lhasa, Tibet and it's the only railway to Lhasa from mainland China at present. Traveling by train to Tibet is a favorite choice for foreign tourists as the Tibet train offers an incredible window view along the way. Especially, from Golmud to the Lhasa section. Just imagine yourself sitting back comfortably beside the train window and enjoy the epic vista of Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, snow-capped Kunlun Mountains, glittering alpine lakes, various rare species that live in the Tibetan Plateau, such as Tibetan antelope, as well as grazing yaks dotted on massive grassland. After crossing the Tanggula Mountain Pass, the highest point of the rail line at 5,200 meters, you will enter Tibet and admire the vast and endless Qiangtang grassland. The two-day climb will also make it easier for you to acclimatize to the plateau climate.

Besides, Qinghai-Tibet Railway has allure itself as it’s the landmark achievement in Chinese engineering and design, and in the process, creating world railway history. It’s the world's longest railroad built atop a plateau. Great forethought, ingenuity and creativity overcame the engineering difficulties during construction, the design of the train itself, and the efforts made to protect the environment, flora and fauna.

Enjoy the ultimate beauty of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway with a lower risk of altitude sickness then explore holy Lhasa.
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Explore Lhasa on a railway adventure from Chengdu. Enjoy the plateau landscape and get acquainted with Buddhist culture.
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Head to the holy city Lhasa via Qinghai-Tibet Railway to see Potala Palace and relax by the sacred Lake Namtso.
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Enjoy the breathtaking scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway and explore the landmarks of Lhasa and Shigatse.
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A train trip from the ancient capital Xian to the holy city of Lhasa to appreciate Chinese history and Tibetan culture.
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Have a Guangzhou to Lhasa train trip then follow the classic Lhasa to Shigatse route to experience the best of Tibet.
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Lanzhou - Lhasa - Shigatse - EBC - Gyirong - Kathmandu
Ride along world's highest railway to Lhasa to enjoy incredible scenery and start an epic overland trip to Kathmandu.
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Experience Qinghai-Tibet Railway, explore mysterious Tibet and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Mt.Everest.
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Mt.Everest adventure from Qinghai Lake by train. Visit ancient temples to gain insight into Tibetan Buddhist culture.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe on the Tibet train?

At present, the Tibet train is safer than in the past. The number of police on Tibet train has expanded a lot. Therefore, thieves on the train can not steal items easily. Besides that, the oxygen facility, medical service, etc. are available to the passengers.

There're mainly 3 reasons to choose a train to get to Tibet.

#1. Enjoy the stunning and breathtaking views of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. From the window of the train, you will witness snow-capped mountains, crystal-alike lakes, endless grassland, wild animals, etc.

#2. Compared with taking a flight to Tibet, the train journey will let you adapt the altitude gradually therefore minimize the occurrence of acute altitude sickness.

#3. The cost of the Train tour is moderate and it does not really take much time.

Please note that train tickets are issued to sell on the internet only 30 days before departure, and it's very hard to purchase soft-sleeper train tickets, especially in peak tourist season from May to October so we have to turn to the ticket scalpers and pay the service fee. To guarantee your train ticket, please make a booking one month before your departure date. We will charge you the full train ticket fee, plus the service fee, which varies according to different seasons and departure cities.

After we purchase the train ticket for you, we will provide you with an eTicket. Along with your original passport and Tibet Travel Permit, you can exchange the paper ticket at any railway station in China.

Passengers are allowed to take less than ten kilograms of luggage for children and twenty kilograms for adults. Luggage within 160cm dimensions can be carried on the train. The rod-shaped things under 200cm can be brought. What's more, only a small milliliter liquid can be taken. You are not allowed to take some objects banned by the nation, dangerous items, animals, etc.

There are three kinds of train tickets, soft sleeper berth, hard sleeper berth, and hard seat. Soft sleeper with four berths in a cabin is the most expensive one. Hard sleeper with six berths that occupy the same space as the soft sleeper is cheaper than the soft one. A hard seat is the cheapest. If the budget permits, you are advised to try a soft sleeper, which is much more comfortable. Unlike the hard sleeper, the upper berth of a soft sleeper can fully appreciate the scenery outside the window, giving people a real travel experience.

Not recommended. Trains in China usually start to sell about 30 days in advance, and trains related to Tibet are always in high demands, and sold out very fast. Even a local Lhasa travel agency like Great Tibet Tour, has to buy the train tickets for our clients from scalpers at peak season.


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