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As we all know, the facilities and service levels of hotels in Tibet are lower than those of other big cities in Mainland China as Tibet is a plateau area. However, due to the rapid development of tourism in Tibet in recent years, the accommodation in Tibet has been greatly improved.

Accommodation in Tibet is divided into star hotel, guest houses, tent. You can find comfortable star hotel in big cities of Tibet. If you plan to travel to remote areas, there are many simple hotels, guest houses, and tent for your choice. For example, Lhasa accommodation ranging from the cheap hotel to the luxury five star hotel; in Shigatse, Nyingtri and other places, the highest standard is 3-star hotel; in Tingri, Zhangmu, the highest standard is 2-star; and other small or remote areas of Ngari, EBC, the guest houses may be your only option unless you would like to stay overnight in the tent.

If you need a more comfortable room which can provide the 24 hours hot water for showers and WiFi, most of 3-star hotels and all 4-5 star hotels in major cities of Tibet are your choice. If you only need a room with basic facilities, you can try guesthouses. If you have any further questions about Tibet hotels, please feel free let us know without hesitation, it is our pleasure to work with you at any time.

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