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Terracotta Warriors in Xian and Potala Palace in Lhasa.

Xi'an and Tibet Tours

Travel map from Beijing to Lhasa As the ancient capital of 13 imperial dynasties, Xi'an ranks first among ancient Chinese capitals. It was once the political, economic, and cultural center of China and the earliest city to open to the outside world. The famous Silk Road starts from Xi’an. There are many historical sites, such as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty, Big Goose Pagoda, the Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty, etc. Those relics would take you to travel through history and return to the previous era.
Meanwhile,  Xi’an is one of the important stops of the Tibet train tour. Whether you start from Shanghai or Guangzhou, you will pass by Xi’an before arriving in Lhasa. With more than 10 years of tour planning experience, we suggest you have a Xi’an trip if your schedule is not tight. We can also arrange in-depth Xi’an to Tibet tours including train/flight ticket booking, Tibet Visa, etc.
Here We have designed some tours to incorporate Xi'an and Tibet, as below. They are all flexible and ready to be customized to meet your interests, schedule and budget.

A train trip from the ancient capital Xian to the holy city Lhasa to appreciate Chinese history and Tibetan culture.
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Xi'an - Lhasa
An amazing journey to explore ancient Chinese civilization and Tibetan culture, as well as breathtaking natural scenery.
Beijing-Xi'an-Lhasa-Yangtze River Cruise-Shanghai
Visit must-sees in China golden triangle, immerse in Tibetan culture, and enjoy the fantastic Yangtze River cruise.
Cover China's golden triangle's acclaimed attractions and Tibet's religious culture. You won't miss any highlights.
Xián - Lhasa - Shigatse- EBC - Lhasa
Explore the historical relics in Xi'an like the Terra-cotta Warriors and overlook the world's summit - Everest in Tibet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Tibet from Xi'an?

By plane: There are over 5 direct flights from Xi'an to Lhasa every day. It is about 3 hours flight journey from Xi'an to Lhasa. The flight ticket price is about USD 230.

Note: Travelers need the original Tibet Travel Permit to check in at the airport.

By Train: There are two daily trains from Xi'an to Lhasa, Z265, and Z165. Z265 departs from Xi'an at 9:45 am and arrives in Lhasa at 16:19(+1). Z165 departs from Xi'an at 11:24 am and arrives in Lhasa at 19:30(+1). It is about 32 hour's train journey from Xi'an to Lhasa. Travelers just need to stay one night on the train.

Ticket price: USD45 for the hard seat, USD95 for a hard sleeper, and USD145 for the soft sleeper.

Note: Travelers need the original Tibet Travel Permit to check in at the South Railway Station.

Train tickets are issued to sell on the Internet only 15 days before the departure date, and it's very hard to purchase the tickets, especially in the peak season (from May to October). So, you'd better ask your travel agency to book the train ticket for you in advance.

Xi'an is one of the world’s four greatest ancient cities. Most travelers would like to stay 1~2 days in Xian to explore ancient China. The Terra Cotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda, and Xian Old Wall are the must-see attractions for your Xi'an tour. 

Tibet is vast. Your duration will decide where you can visit substantially. If you stay 4~6 days in Tibet, you can visit Lhasa, Shigatse or Namtso Lake; if you have 8~10 days in Tibet, you can explore the Everest Base Camp or take an overland tour to Kathmandu from Lhasa; if you have more than 12 days, you can have a kora tour to the holy Mt.Kailash.

Generally speaking, April to October is the best time to travel to Xi'an and Tibet. July and August are the Summer Vacation in China, during which the tourist attractions in Xián and Tibet would be a little bit crowded, especially in Xi'an. If possible, you can avoid this peak tourist season.

In Winter, the temperature in Xi'an and Tibet is similar. But you will feel warmer in Lhasa due to its intense sunshine. During the night, the temperature would drip elow zero. So there's a big temperature difference between daytime and night in Tibet.

Travel to Tibet from Other Cities of China

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