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Ngari scenery

Ngari Travel Guide

Ngari prefecture in northwestern Tibet is best known for Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Mount Kailash, located in Southern Ngari is recognized by Bon, Buddhism, Hindu, and Jain as "the center of the world". Every year, people from Tibet, India, Nepal, and Bhutan go there to make pilgrimages in the old traditional way: paying tribute to the whole body kowtowing all the way and moving around and around the sacred mountain. It also has many famous natural and historical sites like Zanda Clay Forest, Pangong Lake, Ruins of Guge Kingdom, Tholing Temple, etc.

Known for its natural scenery, Ngari is an ideal place for photography. May to October is the best time to take superb pictures of Ngari. It's a spiritual journey that you'll have a great memory of here.

Ngari Attractions

The Ngari region of Tibet has been regarded as an extremely remote and wild place. The harsh natural environment and extreme natural scenery make it a paradise for pilgrims and explorers. There are countless must-see attractions in this region. View more>>

How to Get to Ngari

Road to Mt.Kailash.

Currently, there are two ways to get to Ngari, by car or by plane.

By Car
Taking a car from Lhasa to Ngari is the choice of most tourists. Taking a bus to Ngari, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also take some amazing photos along the way. It usually takes three days by car from Lhasa to Ngari, plus breaks and sightseeing along the way. Usually, tourists can get to Shigatse on the first day, Saga on the second day and Darchen on the third day.

By Plane
Ngari Kunsha Airport is located in Shiquanhe Town, Ngari district, Tibet Autonomous Region. And there is an airport shuttle bus between Shiquanhe Town and the airport. Currently, Ngari has opened flights to Lhasa, Urumqi, and Kashgar. There are two daily flights between Lhasa and Ngari. It takes 2 hours to fly from Lhasa to Ngari, and it takes about four hours from Urumqi to Ngari by flight. Besides, you can also transfer to Ngari from many cities in mainland China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Chongqing, etc. View more >>

Ngari Weather

Nagri is a paradise of wild animals

Due to the high altitude of Ngari region(an average altitude of more than 4500 meters), the climate is cold and dry. The annual rainfall is quite small, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In addition, the winter of Ngari is very long and cold. During the summer, the temperature in Ngari region is above 20 degrees during the day and drops to 0 degrees at night. There are more than 149 days every year reaching at least 8 levels of winds. The precipitation from May to September generally accounts for more than 80% of the annual precipitation.

On the basis of the weather and road conditions, the best time to visit Ngari is in May, June, September and October. During this period, you can avoid the heavy snow and rainy season. View more >>

Where to Stay

Himalaya Kailash Hotel

The accommodations of Ngari are not very good, but they are clean and tidy. The accommodation here is more expensive than in Lhasa.

The Himalaya Kailash Hotel is the best place to stay in Darchen, with 24-hour electricity, hot water, and breakfast. In peak season, it costs about 600-800 yuan a night. Accommodation in Zanda is similar to that in Darchen, and the best hotel is the Tulin Castle Hotel. Along the kora route, there're temples and guesthouses providing accommodation, only dormitory beds available, and the conditions are quite simple. During peak season(April to October), accommodation in Ngari is very paucity. The demands greatly exceed supplies so you'd better book it in advance.

Due to local conditions, please lower your expectations even if the hotel is a 4-star standard. View more >>

Ngari Food and Cuisine

butter tea

The food of Ngari is mainly Tibetan food and Sichuan cuisine. Most of the food and vegetables are transported from other regions because of the harsh natural environment, so the price of the dishes in restaurants here is higher than that in other regions of Tibet. The average price of a dish is 20 to 35 yuan, and the price of noodles is around 10 yuan. However, if you happen to visit Pulang county, because of the low altitude and good climate, you can have more vegetables here.

Ngari Travel Tips

Tip One: Packing Tips
Due to the bad natural conditions of Ngari, you should pack light, otherwise, you will have no energy to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Ngari is very cold, and the temperature will vary greatly from morning to evening. You must take warm clothes with you. Besides, you should also pack some essentials, such as flashlights, garbage bags, sunglasses, lip balm, anti-altitude drugs, etc.

Tip Two: Permits for visiting Ngari
The Tibet Travel Permit is the most important document for you to travel to Ngari. Without it, you can't board your flight or train to Tibet. Besides, When you travel to Ngari, you also need an Alien Travel Permit, Military Permit, and Border Pass.

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