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Rural scenery of Nyingchi

Nyingchi Travel Guide

Nyingchi means “Throne of the Sun” in the Tibetan language, which indicates it’s the place where the sun rises. It is located in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region, at an average elevation of about 3,100 meters, which is the lowest elevation in Tibet. Nyingchi covers an area of 117,000 square kilometers. The famous Himalayas and Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains in the west are like two parallel dragons protecting this peaceful land with the Hengduan Mountains in the east. Due to the special geographical conditions, the climate in Nyingchi is pleasant for living. Nyingchi is a paradise made of snow mountains, forests, and canyons. You will feel romantic when you travel here.

Nyingchi Attractions

The most famous scenic spot in Nyingchi is the beautiful Draksum-tso Lake which is an alpine lake. The deepest canyon in the world - the Grand Yarlung Zangbo Canyon also lies in Nyingchi. Nyingchi is also famous for the flourishing peach blossom in April. View more>>

How to Get to Nyingchi

Nyingchi is very famous for the full blooms of peach tree in every April.

Currently, there are three main ways for travelers to get to Nyingchi.

Flying to Nyingchi is the most effective way. Travelers can fly to Nyingchi Mainling Airport from some major Chinese cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xian, and Lhasa. Among those cities, Chengdu possesses the maximum number of flights to Nyingchi. Apart from those cities, connecting flights in Beijing and Shanghai are also available.

Taking a car to Nyingchi. Charting a private vehicle from a local Travel agency is also a good way to Nyingchi from Lhasa, Shannan or Shigatse.

Take a high-speed train from Lhasa, Gonggar Airport or Shannan. View more >>

Nyingchi Weather

There are high mountains sitting in the north of Nyingchi and prevent the cold air from flowing from the north. The south side of Nyingchi is low, therefore, the warm and wet air from the Indian Ocean can flow in. That's why the weather in Nyingchi is fine and comfortable. The annual rainfall in Nyingchi is about 650mm. And the average temperature is about 8.7°C. The weather from April to October is warm and humid. The weather from November to March is really cold and chilly. The temperature between day and night is different.

The best time to visit Nyingchi is in the late spring, early summer, and autumn. During those seasons, there is no chilly weather, and the rainfall is less. You can enjoy the most attractive scenery in Nyingchi under the warm sunlight. Here, the grand Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival in spring is highly recommended to you. View more >>

The Best Place to Stay

Nyingchi Mishan Hotel

Nyingchi's accommodation is usually concentrated in cities and towns with well-developed transportation. Bayi Town is the first choice for most tourists to stay in Nyingchi. Not only because the accommodation here is relatively good, but also there are multiple hotels from cheap to luxury ones, which can meet the needs of different tourists. Among the most popular hotels, we recommend the Nyingchi Mingzhu Hotel and NyingChi Minshan Grand Hotel to our customers for good locations and rankings. View more >>

Nyingchi Food and Cuisine

Stone pot chicken

The top cuisine is Lulang's stone pot chicken. Besides the Tibetan chicken, is also supplemented with palm ginseng, Angelica, Tibetan fritillary, wolfberry and other medicinal herbs produced locally, and simmered for two hours with the chicken. Tibetan pork is another specialist, which is also the traditional food of Nyingchi with tender and fatty meat but not greasy. View more >>

Nyingchi Festivals

Kongbo New Year

The biggest festival in Nyingchi is the Kongbo New Year, from Oct 1st to Oct 7th of the Tibetan calendar. There is also the Bear Fighting Festival in Bomi Siba Village on May 15th of the Tibetan calendar. All the villagers and young people wear festival costumes to go to Drolma Mountain to simmer the incense, pray for good weather, and so on. In addition, there are some festivals related to tourism such as Peach Blossom Festival, Draksum-tso Folk Cultural Festival, etc.

Nyingchi Travel Tips

Tip One: Enough Preparation
You'd better do good preparation in advance before traveling to Nyingchi. Due to the unique background of Tibet, you need to book your tours with a local Tibet travel agency, prepare certain permits like a Chinese Visa, Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permits, and Military Permit, as well as take some necessities such as first aid medicine, clothes, dry food, sunglasses, sun cream, etc.

Tip Two: History
Nyingchi is the main site for local Tibetans with a history of thousands of years. From the seventh century to the ninth century, Nyingchi belonged to the region of the Tubo Kingdom. In 1951, Nyingchi was liberated with the help of the Chinese government.

Tips Three: Terrain
Surrounded by the grand Himalayan mountains and Tangula Mountains, Nyingchi is famous for its various shapes of mountains and cliffs. Besides, you must be stunned by the running waters and waterfalls in the deep valley. That's why Nyingchi is also known as the "Switzerland of Tibet".

Tip Four: High Altitude Precaution
Compared with other prefectures in Tibet, the high altitude of Nyingchi is relatively lower. While there are still some highlands in Nyingchi where you may suffer from high altitude sickness. For example, before you pass by Mila Pass at an altitude of 5013 meters, you should take some medicine. Tell your tour guide when you feel uncomfortable. View more >>

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