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Gonggar Airport is the official air gateway to Lhasa, known as one of the highest airports in existence, Lhasa airport was a challenge even at the planning stage more when it started its construction. The first airport was built in May, 1956 in the southwest area of Damxung. It was an almost impossible task to erect an airport on top of a "hump" in the Tibetan Plateau. Rising at a height of 4,200 metres (13,800 ft),the airport stood all these hurdles and in turn yielded a magnificent structure with breath-taking view from its heights. Lhasa airport was even used during the second world war, but it was a hit or miss when it came to landings and was dubbed "the cursed air zone". But this was later on debunked and soon after a flight from Beijing transiting to Chengdu then Lhasa came available in 1965 and with that came the construction of the airport. Damxung Airport was another earlier airport in Lhasa, it served as the main airport for the region until it was decommissioned and then renovated into a race track, thus moving the aviation office to Gonggar and making it the official airport.

The airport also sports an awesome scenery for all passengers who wish to give the land of the gods a visit. Gyazuling is a town located in Gonggar County, it is in direct view from the airport. The colorful houses, temples and other architecture featuring Tibetan culture is what welcomes guests. The airport itself wasn't just laid down anywhere, it's runways were strategically placed on the right bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo or the Brahmaputra River, giving it a gorgeous finish despite the fact that the airport is not in Lhasa itself due to spatial constrictions. When you enter the airport, which is a new building, there won't be any disappointment with the facilities. The airport was also updated with the necessary amenities that make their passengers feel that everything is convenient and close to home. The first floor houses passenger handling services such as ticket purchases, baggage collection beltways, visitors gallery, etc.

 On the second floor shopping malls, kiosks and restaurants are readily available. Sky bridges are installed in every embarkation and disembarkation point to protect passengers from rain or shine. Overall Gonggar airport is a really magnificent place with a rating of 4E. It will make your trip comfortable and easy for sure.

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