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Lhasa Restaurants

One of the best ways to understand a place usually refers to its history, people and culture. For foodies, it's to eat your way through it. Combined with the essence of Tibetan food and nearby regional cuisines, Lhasa offers a broad spectrum of food choices for travelers. Here are 10 of the best Lhasa restaurants that will help you just do that. You may check the comprehensive info from gourmets and have a try.

Top restaurants on the Lhasa Map
The map of the top restaurants in Lhasa

1. Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen

Lhasa Kitchen is located just opposite the square of Jokhang Temple. It is owned by a local Tibetan, the restaurant has a strong Tibetan-style atmosphere. Food ranges from Tibetan, Indian, Chinese, Nepali. The food is delicious and the service is good.

Address: No.3 Minchi Khang East Road, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 634 8855
Special diet: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Option

2. Tibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen

The food was very tasty, the prices reasonable. Definitely convenient, owners speak good English. The atmosphere is like at home and you can have a great time. This is also an excellent opportunity to eat great Tibetan food and to be with a real Tibetan family.

Address: Bakhor South Street, Chengguan district | Beside Langsai Shopping Mall, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 138 8901 5053
Special diet: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten-Free Options

3. Lhasa Namaste Restaurant

Lhasa Namaste Restaurant

Namaste is located on the Yutuo road next to Jokhang Temple. It's a nice restaurant. The decoration style is a very national and very warm color. It serves Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese food. Indian and Nepali food is awesome. It also provides decent vegetarian options.

Address: 30 ZhuFeng WeiYe 2 Floor, Yu Tuo Road, ChengGuan District, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 632 4669
Special diet: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Option

4. Makye Ame

Makye Ame

Makye Ame is a yellow house located on the southeast corner of Barkhor Street, known for its location and the love story of Tsangyang Gyatso - the sixth Dalai Lama. Western food and Nepalese set meals are the specialties here. If you can sit next to the window, it is an excellent photography point for both the outdoor Barkhor streetscape and indoor colorful interiors; a stack of guestbooks is also very eye-catching, and the various texts on it tell stories.

Address: Barkhor Street Southeast DianXinJu Opposite, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 632 8608
Consumption per person:RMB79
Special diet: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Option

5. Dunya Restaurant

Dunya Restaurant

It is next to the Yak hotel, a very convenient and cozy place to stay. You can have a nice lunch or dinner with a lot of choices. It's also a great place to go for a beer or a coffee and hang out, and free WiFi is available. Dunya belongs to a place for international backpackers. Staffs all speak English and the service is efficient. It is usually full of tourists, so not the place to visit if you want a local feel.

Address: 100 Beijing Dong Lu, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 633 3374

6. Summit Cafe

Summit Cafe

Summit Café's location is convenient, just off the Barkhor and main road. You can enjoy excellent lattes, tea, and desserts here. The chairs are soft, you can bask in the sun outside. You can use a computer here for free or connect the WIFI inside. It is also a nice place to rest, read, talk, or just be in a daze.

Address: No.1 Danjielin Road, Lhasa, China (In the alley opposite GuangMing Gang Qiong Tian ChaGuan)
Tel: +86 891 691 3884

7. Snowland Restaurant

Snowland Restaurant

The environment is good, like a bar, with many photos and messages, which is a common style in Lhasa. Western, Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese set menus are all available here. The waiters are very special and occasionally they sing, which made people feel like they are in the prairie. Tibetan-style western food is very famous. Steak is tasty and delicious. Yogurt with honey or sugar tastes awesome. Yogurt cakes are sour and special. Nepalese Fruit Chicken Rice is also recommended.

Address: 1/F, No.8 Zangyiyuan Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 633 7323
Special diet: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options

8. Gangki Restaurant

Gangki Restaurant

The restaurant is close to Lhasa's busiest and most-occupied Barkhor Street. The facade of the restaurant is quite small and it is easy to miss. After entering, directly go upstairs. On the 2nd floor, it's suddenly enlightened and you can see a big terrace facing Jokhang Square. This restaurant provides authentic Tibetan and Indian dishes like Potato bun, lamb chops, butter cake, curry meatball soup, etc. , tasty and delicious. After visiting Jokhang Temple, you may feel tired and Gangki Restaurant is just the perfect place to have a cup of sweet tea/Butter Milk Tea, lean on the balcony railings, overlook the entire Jokhang Temple Square, and see pilgrims. But maybe because of the special scenery, the price of meals is a bit high.

Address: ZangYiYuan Road DaZhaoSi Nearby, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 632 8263

9. Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

This is a very characteristic Tibetan restaurant with modern decoration. There are traditional songs and dance performances here. The restaurant is clean and the service is good. Each table offers WIFI and charging plug. Special foods: Tibetan hot pot, Tibetan roasted pork, stewed beef, butter tea, Gongbao chicken, hot pot meat, stone pot chicken, mushroom soup, sour carrot beef, hot pot vegetables, potato lamb chops - the potatoes are crispy on the outside and the lamb chops are super fragrant. There are many varieties of Tibetan hot pot. The homemade barley wine is delicious.

Address: Zangyiyuan Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, China
Tel: +86 891 689 9000
Consumption per person:RMB98

10. GuangMing Gang Qiong Tian Teahouse

GuangMing Gang Qiong Tian Teahouse

This very famous sweet teahouse on Barkhor Street is the first choice for locals to drink tea and chat. It is the sweetest and the oldest sweet teahouse in Lhasa. Visitors can experience the pleasant lifestyle of Tibetans by drinking tea, eating noodles, playing cards, and chatting. Follow the endless stream of Tibetans into the teahouse, pull out all the change and put it on the table, then go to the disinfection cabinet to find a cup, wait for the waiter to come to add tea to your cup, after filling in, they will take the money, give back change if necessary. This is the most local place in Lhasa to enjoy the leisure life of the Lhasa people. The specialties are Sweet tea, Tibetan noodles, beef noodles.

Address: Opposite to Shambhala Hotel, Tibet Hospital Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa, Tibet (near Beijing Middle Road)
Consumption per person: RMB15

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