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Why take a flight to Tibet from Xi’an?

Located in the middle of China, Xian is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization and Chinese nation. Since ancient times, Xian has been the capital of 13 dynasties including Xizhou, Qin, Xihan, Sui, Tang, etc. By 2016, there are 6 sites in Xian has been listed into the world heritage, such as Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Bell and Drum Towers, Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Xian has its own charm for tourists.

Besides, Xian is an important transportation hub. Xian is in a good collection with mainland cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. It can also be reached easily by international flights. As being no direct flight to Tibet(the only international flight to Tibet is from Kathmandu), travelers can fly to Xian directly from your home country and then transfer to Tibet. Travelers can have a good rest in Xian.

In addition, there are 7 daily flights between Xian and Lhasa. Only 5 direct flights. The number of flights to Tibet is much more than that of in other domestic cities.

Xian to Lhasa Flights

Flight No. Departure   Arrival Duration Frequency Plane


Tibet Airlines


Xianyang Airport(T2)



Gongga Airport

3h 25m TW Airbus A319


Sichuan Airlines

06:45 Xianyang Airport(T3)   10:05 Gongga Airport 3h 20m  STTF Airbus A319


Sichuan Airlines

07:40 Xianyang Airport(T3)



12:00 Gongga Airport 4h 20m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Sichuan Airlines

07:50 Xianyang Airport(T3)



12:40 Gongga Airport 4h 50m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Eastern Airlines

08:20 Xianyang Airport(T3)  


Gongga Airport

3h 15m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Eastern Airlines

11:20 Xianyang Airport(T3)  


Gongga Airport

3h 20m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Tibet Airlines

20:25 Xianyang Airport(T2)  


Gongga Airport

3h 20m SMTFS Airbus A319

Lhasa to Xian Flights

Flight No. Departure   Arrival Duration Frequency Plane


Sichuan Airlines

10:50 Gongga Airport(T3)   13:45 Xianyang Airport(T3) 2h 55m STTF Airbus A319


Eastern Airlines

12:15 Gongga Airport   15:15 Xianyang Airport(T3) 3h  SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Sichuan Airlines

12:45 Gongga Airport



16:45 Xianyang Airport(T3) 4h SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Sichuan Airlines

13:30 Gongga Airport



18:20 Xianyang Airport(T3) 5h 50m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Eastern Airlines

15:20 Gongga Airport   18:30 Xianyang Airport(T3) 3h 10m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Tibet Airlines

16:30 Gongga Airport   19:25 Xianyang Airport(T2) 2h 55m SMTWTFS Airbus A319


Tibet Airlines

21:45 Gongga Airport   00:45 Xianyang Airport(T2) 3h TW Airbus A319

As the flight is highly affected by the weather and climate, the timetable is just for reference. When you plan to book a flight ticket, you can search for the latest information on the internet or contact with us. We can offer the tickets booking and permits application. Some discounts might be given even during the peak travel season. So, choosing a flight to Tibet from Xian is a smart choice for travelers.

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