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Lhasa Travel Tips

Appearance of Gonggar airport, Lhasa.
Lhasa Gonggar International Airport offers domestic flights from/to Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai and Kathmandu. Check schedules, prices, FAQs, etc.
See the distributions of major tourist attractions.
Check the detailed Lhasa travel maps including where is Lhasa, Lhasa tourist Map, Lhasa transportation map and more.

Lhasa Map

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makye ame
The best restaurants in Lhasa include Lhasa Kitchen, Tibetan Family Kitchen, Makye Ame, Namaste Restaurant, Dunya Restaurant, Summit Cafe, etc.
lhasa city
Lhasa is a must-visit city when tourists plan a Tibet trip. Check the highlights of Lhasa, best time to visit, how to get there, and more.

How to Visit Lhasa?

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Lhasa city
As the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa offers a unique experience for all people who visit its majestic scenery and peaceful culture.

Lhasa - Capital of Tibet

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Lhasa altitude
Lhasa is at an altitude of 3650 meters(11,975 ft), one of the highest cities in the world. Due to the high elevation, you should be aware of altitude sickness.
Weather in Lhasa city
With sunny weather throughout the year and sparse rainfall, Lhasa belongs to a plateau temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. Check more dressing info!
The History of Lhasa City
Lhasa, the heart of Tibet, a tapestry of wonders and beauty, but how did this peaceful paradise came to be? Who lead to the creation of the land of the gods?

Lhasa History

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