Lhasa Map

Lhasa, the capital and political, economic, and cultural center of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It's located in the central part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is 3650 meters above sea level and one of the highest cities in the world. Lhasa is also the first impression of a Tibet tour for most travelers.

Lhasa in Tibet map.

Lhasa is located in the south part of Tibet and on the north bank of Lhasa River.

Scenic spots in Lhasa.

Find the main attractions and hotels inside Lhasa and around Lhasa.

Main attractions in and around Lhasa city.

This map shows the small counties nearby and the major attractions of Lhasa Prefecture.

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  • Lhasa city

    As the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa offers a unique experience for all people who visit its majestic scenery and peaceful culture. It's the land of the gods and the most sacred place for Tibetans.

  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport

    Lhasas Gonggar Airport is the busiest airport in Lhasa, Tibet. You can take the domestic flights from/to Chengdu, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai; or the only international flight from/to Kathmandu, Nepal. Check the flight schedules, price, transportation, as well as frequently asked questions.

  • Lhasa Altitude

    Lhasa is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an altitude of 3650 meters(11,975 ft), which is one of the highest cities in the world. It's the capital city of Tibet and also the holy place of Tibetan Buddhism. For the first time comer, you should be aware of altitude sickness.

  • Lhasa Restaurants

    Best restaurants in Lhasa include Po Ba Tsang Restaurant, Lhasa Kitchen, Tibetan Family Kitchen, Lhasa Namaste Restaurant, Makye Ame, Dunya Restaurant, Summit Cafe, Gangki Restaurant, and GuangMing Gang Qiong Tian Teahouse.

  • Lhasa History

    Lhasa, the heart of Tibet, a tapestry of wonders and beauty, but how did this peaceful paradise came to be? Who lead to the creation of the land of the gods?

  • Lhasa weather

    Planning a trip to Lhasa? Know the weather condition before you go. Check the best time to visit Lhasa city and prepare all necessary protective gears.

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