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Tibet holds a lot of significance in Indian mythology and is held close to the hearts of many Indians. Tourism in Tibet is highly celebrated, and many folks travel to experience the scenic beauty of Tibetan charm. The cold and scenic beauty of Tibet makes it one of the most attractive spots in Asia. Tibet hosts locations like the Mount Kailash where the revered Indian god Shiva is supposed to reside. There is Lake Manasarovar where you can find eternal life. According to Hindu scripture and mythology, the Lake Manasarovar was created by Brahma in his mind. Famous as one of the five holy lakes in Hinduism, Lake Manasarovar plays an important role in Hinduist theology. What’s more, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are recognized as the most sacred places in both Buddhism and Hinduism. With India's secularity and openness to all religious practices, pilgrims from India make frequent travel here. This is so because of the numerous Buddhist shrines located in Tibet and the number of Buddhists practicing their faith. To help Indian travelers realize their Tibet dream, we offer various tour packages and it's easy to have a Tibet tour from India.

Visas Required To Travel To Tibet

Have a Tibet tour from India is convenient, but the permits are indispensable. Generally, 2 types of visas are issued to Indians for their journey to Tibet. One of them is the Tibet Travel Permit(also being called Tibet Visa). It’s issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, but you can’t apply for it by yourself. You should book a tour and send your documents to the travel agency, they will arrange the permit for you. However, it takes more than 10 days to get the permit. This visa issued to the regular tourists who are just there to visit the regions and capture the scenery. The procedure for this is the same as for international tourists. They have to demonstrate their passports along with the Chinese visa to finally obtain the Tibet visa.

The second type of visa is for Indian pilgrims. These are special visas and the Foreign Affairs of Tibet Autonomous Region themselves especially attest, verify and confirm these Visas. The issuing of this visa will also be supervised by the Department of Public Security of TAR (Tibet Military region.) Even the Armed Tibet Police Frontier Corps also keep a check on it.

The Tibet India Pilgrim Reception Center has a non-governmental wing and the governmental wing. The Tibet India Pilgrim Reception Center and Foreign Affairs of Tibet Autonomous Region are the two organizational bodies that have the power of authorization. So, any concerns or requests will have to be taken with them.

The organizations provide a free touring service to the Indian pilgrims. They assist in accommodation and different modes of transport such as yaks. They are also very helpful and is the best guide you will receive. You’re suggested to plan your Tibet tour in advance so that they can prepare all the visas for you in time.

The Pilgrimages In Tibet
The pilgrimage to Tibet is said to be more expensive than the ordinary touring. But fortunately, Indians can consult online services and many tourism offices to get good travel deals and packages. For all of the   people going for tourism will have to remember to obtain and carry all the necessary documents.

Mount Kailash is an important pilgrimage destination for Hinduist.
Every year, lots of Indian pilgrims visit Mt.Kailash in July and August.

Flight: How To Reach Tibet

At present, there is no direct flight flying from India to Tibet. Travelers must take the indirect flight with several transfers. If you want to get to Lhasa from China by air, you can take the direct flight from Delhi to some major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Chengdu.  After you arrive in China, you can transfer another direct flight to Lhasa. Below we list the flight schedule for your preference.

Flights Non-Stop One-Stop Flights Non-Stop One-Stop
Delhi to Beijing 6h 5m 21h 15m Beijing to Lhasa 4h 40m 6h 50m
Delhi to Shanghai 6h 10m 24h 55m Shanghai to Lhasa / 6h ~ 7h 55m
Delhi to Guangzhou 5h 5m 27h 30m Guangzhou to Lhasa / 5h 35m ~5h 55m
Delhi to Chengdu 10h 50m 34h 20m Chengdu to Lhasa 2h 20m /
Delhi to Hong Kong 5h 10m 20h 35m Hong Kong to Lhasa / 12h 40m ~18h 45m

Besides the flights from India to China, then to Tibet, you can also fly to Nepal, then fly to Tibet. Due to the short distance between India and Nepal, it only takes travelers 1 hour 45 minutes to fly to Delhi to Kathmandu. And the price of the flight ticket is cheap, only about US$ 67, or around 4,300 INR. Flights operated by Air China, Tibet Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines are available for travelers from Nepal to Tibet. It only takes one and half an hour to arrive in Lhasa.

Kathmandu to Lhasa

Another choice for travelers to get to Tibet is from Nepal. You should apply for a Group Tourist Visa, which is issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. We will arrange it for you, don’t worry. The most popular Tibet journey is by flight or road to Kathmandu and then to Lhasa.

The journey from Kathmandu to Tibet is also very easy as there are about ten flights every week to Lhasa. There are plenty of flights to Kathmandu starting from Delhi, Goa, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Goa, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Royal Nepal Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways and IndiGo provide directs flights. The flight departs from New Delhi to Kathmandu costs about INR 9, 100. You can check the price online to obtain a ticket. Once arrive in Kathmandu, taking direct flights to Lhasa are good choices. After 1.5h comfortable journey, you will land in the holy land.

The road journey will be long as the distance is around 1120km, but it is a serene experience. Via the Gyirong port, you won’t miss any marvelous landscape along the road.

A journey to Tibet is more than just about the scenery and the beautiful locations, and it is a spiritual one. Whether you go there for a pilgrimage or not, you will leave with your soul feeling full and nourished. It is a journey to be taken by everyone at least once in their lives.

Don’t hesitate to contact Great Tibet Tour, we are always here and ready to help. Please be our guests and have an unforgettable tour in Tibet.

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In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to visit EBC, Kailash and Mansarovar in 2020. May I know which month you would like to do this tour? And what kind of accommodation do you like to get? I would like to check the tour availability and price for you accordingly.



Please give me the information of Travelling from Gauhatti, India or from Delhi, India to Tibet. Also if there any short way to travel.



If you travel to Tibet from Delhi India, you can fly to kunming, a China city from Delhi, then fly to Lhasa from Kunming on the second day. The direct flight (SC8830) from Delhi to kumming open on every other day.  So may I know when you plan to travel in Tibet? 

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