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Hindu OM symbol
There are some little-known mysteries and facts of Mount Kailash that might amaze you. This spiritual sacred mountain is actually the center of the world and holy place of many sects including Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism, and Jainism.
friendship highway
Friendship Highway (also known as the China-Nepal highway) is the only international highway in Tibet up to now. After the line was opened to traffic in 1965, countless tourists travel from Lhasa to Kathmandu or vice versa.
zigzag road.
Sichuan Tibet Highway is also called Chengdu Lhasa Highway. It includes the Northern and Southern routes. Most people choose the southern route as it's the most scenic part of G318. Check the route details and differences.
Jokhang Temple
Tibetan Monasteries and Temples can be seen everywhere in Tibet as Tibetan Buddhism has a profound influence in this land. It's no exaggeration to say that Tibetan Buddhism is the foundation of Tibetan culture.
Gama Valley Trek
Trekking in Tibet provides a unique and closer encounter with the culture and spirituality of Tibet. On Tibetan Plateau, you will feel the charm of Tibetan Buddhism, explore its natural beauty, and see the north face of the Himalayans. Check below the greatest treks that await you in Tibet.

Top 10 Greatest Treks in Tibet

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The flying flag in Tibet.
Many travelers are curious about the cost of traveling to Tibet. It should be noted that Tibet is not considered as a budget-friendly destination. In order to get a good price for traveling to Tibet, there're some factors to put into considerations.
Tibetan Tsampa
What is Tsampa? Tsampa(also Zanba or Tsamba) is one of the traditional staple foods of Tibetan herders. Tsampa is the Tibetan transliteration of roasted flour. Butter tea is the perfect match for Tsampa.
Travel to Tibet from China
There are three ways of entering Tibet if traveling through mainland China. Traveling by plane is the fastest option. Traveling by train through Qinghai Tibet Railway is the cheapest way. Traveling by road is time-consuming but you can discover hidden spots along the way.
Travel to Tibet from United States
Tourists from the US can travel to Tibet from mainland Chinese cities, such as Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. by flight or train. You also can get to Tibet from Kathmandu by plane or road. Please check the necessary documents carefully for American citizens.

How to Travel to Tibet from US

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Packing list
What to pack for Tibet? This article gives travelers a detailed packing list to make you well-prepared before your Tibet travel, especially for those first-time visitors. Also, we provide some tips to prevent the altitude sickness, as it's what you need to know before you Tibet journey.
Kuan Zhai Alley
Chengdu to Tibet is one of the most popular tourist routes. On one hand, there're many international flights to Chengdu. On the other hand, it's very convenient to travel from Chengdu to Lhasa. Coupled with the charm of the land of abundance, many tourists choose to travel to Tibet via Chengdu.
Everest Base Camp is a must-see place during your Tibet travel.
Discover the top 15 things to do and places to visit in Tibet during your first time trip to Tibet, including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Guge Kingdom, and more.
Beautiful landscape of Tibet
Many international tourists travel to Lhasa from Shanghai but there's around 2,944 kilometers distance. Check the three viable options to get to Tibet from Shanghai, namely: by Shanghai Lhasa train, by flight, or by a combination of plane and train travel.
318 national way, which starts from Shanghai to Shigatse, with total length 5476 kilometers.
How to get to Tibet? You can travel to Tibet by flight, train, or road from China. Alternatively, you can also go to Tibet from Nepal by flight or road. The best way to Tibet depends on your place of departure and travel plans.
Temple of Heaven, one of the landmarks of Beijing.
Traveling to Tibet from Beijing is a good choice for international travelers because Beijing is an important international arrival hub and you can get to Lhasa conveniently from here. You can either take a flight that is fast and comfortable or take a train that offers a better natural view of the Tibetan Plateau.
Tibet tour
Many travelers choose Hong Kong as the first stop to get to Lhasa cos Hong Kong itself is a major transportation hub and tourist destination. Among all routes to Tibet from Hong Kong, getting to Tibet via Chengdu is the most recommended.
Fly to Tibet from Singapore is easy
It’s easy to travel to Tibet from Singapore. For Singapore citizens, you are recommended to fly to Chengdu then take a flight or train to Lhasa. Although Singapore citizens don’t need to apply for a Chinese Visa. To go to Tibet, you need a Chinese Visa for your Tibet Travel Permit.

Travel to Tibet from Singapore

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Potala Palace (Chinese name 布达拉宫) is an ancient palace located in Lhasa, China. As a former residence of Dalai Lamas, it has an important role in Tibetan Buddhism and politics. Now, it opens to tourists to visit as a landmark in Tibet.
RMB 10, 50, 100 YUAN
Travelers to Tibet are often confused by how to refer to Tibet money. The official name of Tibet currency is Renminbi, which is abbreviated to RMB. Here you will find detailed info about currency exchange, credit card, debit card as well as international transfers in Tibet.
Mt. Kailash kora map
Mount Kailash kora is the most pious pilgrimage for believers. Tourists can also do trekking tours around the Kailash for the longing of Tibet, the snow mountains and lakes. Here travel tips showing the maps and trekking details.

Mount Kailash Kora Route Map

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