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It is an incredible journey to travel to Lhasa from Shanghai as the train is going to traverse eight provinces across China before climbing up to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The trip covers a total distance of 4,373km and takes around 47 hours to reach your destination. Today, there is only one direct train from Shanghai to Lhasa and the journey on board will be three days. Here we have the most up-to-date information for trains from Shanghai to Lhasa.

Latest Timetable and Schedule of Shanghai Lhasa Train

Train Z164 is the only one daily train from Shanghai to Lhasa. It will start from Shanghai Railway Station at 20:10 and arrive at Lhasa Railway Station at 19:30 in approximately 3 days. You need to take a Tibet train from Shanghai to Lhasa at least 2 days before the fixed departure date of your tour if you plan to join in a group tour in Tibet. Eg. If you want to join a group tour starting on June 26th, then you need to depart from Shanghai on June 24th.

Timetable of Shanghai to Lhasa Train - No.Z164






Stop Time




16 m




Day 1



5 m



3 min

Day 1

84 km


8 m 21:20 21:23 3 min Day 1 126 km


5 m



9 min

Day 1

301 km


25 m



3 min

Day 2

485 km


36 m



6 min

Day 2

649 km


108 m



7 min

Day 2

998 km


385 m



10 min

Day 2

1,509 km


1,520 m



17 min

Day 2

2,185 km


2,200 m



20 min

Day 2

2,401 km


2,982 m



2 min

Day 3

2,718 km


2,780 m



25 min

Day 3

3,231 km


4,500 m



14 min

Day 3

4,051 km


3,650 m




Day 3

4,373 km


Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai

Cabins on Tibet Trains

There are two kinds of cabins on board where you can sleep overnight during your train journey to Tibet. The first class cabin which is with 4 beds in one compartment is the soft sleeper cabin. The hard-sleeper with 6 beds in one compartment, also being called as the second-class cabin. In order to have cozy overnights, we suggest you choose soft sleeper.

Facilities onboard

There is one dining car which is offering food and drinks on each train to Tibet. At the end of each coach, there are toilets and washing basins. You can bring some instant noodles, coffee, and tea with you as the spoiled water is available 24 hours a day.

Oxygen Supply onboard

The altitude sickness is always an important issue that needs to be considered for those travelers who are planning the train trips to Tibet. As a matter of fact, the train provides two kinds of oxygen supply systems on board to reduce the effect of high altitude relatively. So you don’t have to worry too much about suffering from altitude sickness on board.

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