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How to Book Flights to Tibet? (the easiest way)

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  • Last Updated: 2021-12-06
Gonggar Airport in Lhasa.

The easiest way to book a flight to Tibet is to entrust your local travel agent to book a flight to Tibet for you. Travel agents like Great Tibet Tour, will not only charge you an extra service fee over flight booking but also can present a Tibet Travel Permit.

Sometimes when you book a flight to Tibet by yourself, the flight booking platforms will require you to present a copy of your Tibet Permit, but Tibet Permit is usually issued only about a week or so prior to your departure. Flight booking platform will then suggest you book a flight after you have a Tibet Permit copy, or to hold on to your booking only to be confirmed after you provide Tibet Permit copy, which means there's great variability if your flight booking is successful until a week or so prior your tour starts.

Won't it be rather scared not knowing for sure? As a paying guest, when you’ve already confirmed to book your tour with Great Tibet Tour, you’re entitled to enjoy the free side service Great Tibet Tour provides – book a flight to/from Tibet without any extra service fee. And of course, when there are discounted flight tickets available, we will quote you as such. And after we book your flight, we will email you an eTicket, later you only need to change your boarding pass with this eTicket, along with your passport and Tibet Permit at airports.

Please check Tibet Flights here to have a rough idea first.

However, if you’d rather take charge of everything on your own, we suggest you not book flights at flight booking platforms but with airlines directly. Here below are the most popular ones in China.

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