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Kunming to Lhasa Flights

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  • Last Updated: 2024-01-07

Situated in southwest China, Yunnan is a hot tourist destination with abundant natural resources. Every year, thousands of travelers from home and abroad go there for the purpose of exploring its beauty. Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The weather in Kunming is fine and comfortable, neither chilly in winter nor sweltering in summer. That's why Kunming is also known as "Spring City" in China. In recent years, with the development of transportation, more and more travelers get to Tibet from Kunming in multiple ways, including by air, by land, or by train. Among the numerous ways to Tibet, taking a flight to Tibet from Kunming is the fastest and most convenient way.

At present, there are three direct flights from Kunming Changshui International Airport(KMG) to Lhasa Gonggar Airport(LXA) operated by Lucky Air, Tibet Airlines and China Eastern Airlines. Also three direct flights from Lhasa to Kunming.

Air route from Kunming to Lhasa.
Air Route from Kunming to Lhasa (Click to view a bigger image)

Among the direct flights, the non-stop flight from Kunming to Lhasa takes about three hours, covering a distance of 1,963 km. Because of the big difference in the altitude between Kunming and Lhasa, you’d better have a good rest when arriving in Lhasa. Here are some details about flights between Kunming and Lhasa.

Kunming to Lhasa Flight Schedule

Flight No. Departure---Arrival Duration Frequency Aircraft Type Price


2h 50m Every Day Boeing 737 USD338
Economy Class

07:55---10:55 3h Every Day Boeing 737 USD338
Economy Class

15:10---17:55 2h 45m Every Day Boeing 737 USD338
Economy Class

Lhasa to Kunming Flight Schedule

Flight No. Departure---Arrival Duration Frequency Aircraft Type Price

12:35---15:20 2h 45m Every Day Boeing 737 USD351
Economy Class

14:20---17:00 2h 40m Every Day Boeing 737 USD351
Economy Class

16:15---18:35 2h 20m Every Day Boeing 737 USD351
Economy Class

When you arrive in Lhasa, your tour guide will drive you to your hotel immediately. The next day, you will start your dreamy Tibet tour. There are a great number of attractions that are worthy of being recommended to you, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Mt Everest, Namtso Lake, Mt. Kailash, etc.

The landmark of Lhasa, the Potala Palace.
Grand Potala Palace


The flight schedule varies from time to time based on the seasons, climate, etc.

Prepare a Tibet Travel Permit in advance before boarding the flight. Great Tibet Tour can help you apply for a Tibet Travel Permit and book an air ticket at a good price.

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