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Hong Kong, the third-largest financial center in the world, is an international hub of China.

Hongkong Tibet Tour

Travel map from Hongkong to Lhasa Hong Kong, the third-largest financial center in the world, is an international hub of China. Hongkong is a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures, which combines Chinese wisdom with western social system advantages. Traveling in Hongkong, you may find yourself stepping on an amazing land that has the reputation of "the Pearl of the East", "food paradise" and "shopping paradise". So there are lots of things you can do when traveling to Tibet, tasting the delicious finger-licking cuisines, shopping in the glorious street and enjoying the wonderful nightlife.

Hong Kong is absolutely a good destination to start your Tibet tour. A Hongkong Tibet Tour will take you to explore the distinct colonial cultural heritage, classic Hong Kong movie sets, and world-class theme parks in Hongkong and enjoy the profound Buddhist culture and stunning nature view in the holy Tibet.

If you are HK residents, there is no need to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet while foreign travelers have to get a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet. As there are no direct flights and trains to Tibet from Hongkong, travelers should transmit from mainland China such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu to Tibet.

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HongKong - Tibet
As “Pearl of the Orient” and the shopping paradise, Hong Kong is a modern and dynamic city of China. While Tibet is a city with traditional customs and culture. There is a 6- day trip from Hong Kong to Tibet. During this trip, tourists can travel from the most prosperous harbor in the world to the Roof of the World in the Tibetan Plateau.

Hongkong Tibet Tour Tips

How to Get to Tibet from HongKong

Many travelers choose Hongkong as the first stop to get to Lhasa cos Hongkong itself is a major transportation hub and tourist destination. Among all routes to Tibet from Hongkong, flying to Tibet via Chengdu is the most recommended.

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Flights to Tibet from Hongkong

There’s no direct flight between Hongkong and Lhasa. Tourists who want to travel to Tibet from Hong Kong have to take connecting flights via Chengdu, Chongqing, or Xián.

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Travel to Tibet from Other Cities of China

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