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Chongqing and Tibet Tours

Travel map from Chongqing to Lhasa Located in southwest China, Chongqing is a modern metropolis with a booming economy. Because the city is built on mountains, with uneven roads and buildings, Chongqing is boasted as a "hilly city". As a famous city in the west of China, Chongqing attracts lots of tourists from home and abroad. There are lots of natural landscapes and historical sites such as the Temple of the White Emperor, Three Gorges, Dazu Rock Carvings, etc. which are worthy of being visited.

Nowadays, there are two main ways for travelers to get to Tibet from Chongqing. For travelers having a tight schedule, you can take a direct flight from Chongqing to Lhasa. For other travelers hoping to enjoy the scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you can take the train from Chongqing to Lhasa.

As a professional travel agency, Great Tibet Tour provides various Chongqing and Tibet tours, Tibet Travel Permit application, and Chongqing Lhasa flight or train ticket booking services.

Experience Qinghai-Tibet Railway, explore mysterious Tibet and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Mt.Everest.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Tibet Travel Permit When Traveling to Tibet from Chongqing?

First of all, you can’t apply for the Tibet Travel Permit on your own, but through a Tibet Travel Agency. With more than 15 years of touring experience, Great Tibet Tour can handle Tibet Travel permit for you.

After booking your tours, you need to send the photocopy of your passport and Chinese Visa. Usually, it takes 6~10 working days to get your permit. However, if you are going to some remote area like Mt.Kailash, the applying process may take up to 30 days. To make everything sure, please book your tours as earlier as possible. After getting your permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, we will express it to your hotel in Chongqing, usually 3~4 days before your arrival. Please no worries about the permit delivering, we have never failed to send Tibet Travel Permit to our clients.

At present, there is only one direct train connecting Chongqing with Lhasa. The overland distance between Chongqing and Lhasa is about 3030 kilometers. Z223 departs from Chongqing Railway Station at 22:25 and arrives in Lhasa at 09:55 on the third day. The duration is about 35:30, and it runs every other day. The price of the soft sleeper berth is about 997.5 CNY(153 USD), and the price of the hard sleeper berth is about 627.5 CNY(96 USD). As it’s a long journey, we suggest you choose soft-sleeper to stay comfortable on the train.

Flying to Tibet from Chongqing is very convenient. The flight duration is about 2hr 30mins. There are nine direct flights every day operated by Tibet Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Southern Airlines, West Air, Xiamen Airlines, and Air China. So there're many options for your choice.

Travel to Tibet from Other Cities of China

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