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Lanzhou located in northwest China is the capital city of Gansu province. With the Yellow River, one of the important rivers of China running through the city, Lanzhou is abundant in rich crops of many juicy and fragrant fruits. When comes to the word Lanzhou, it may remind you that it is the key point of the ancient Silk Road which covers an area of 1631.6 square kilometers. With Dunhuang Mogao Caves to the north, Labrang Monastery to the south, Bingling Temple Grottoes to the west and Maiji Caves to the east, Lanzhou is a hub of the Silk Road Tourism Ring.


A Lanzhou Tibet tour will take you to visit two different cities. A short tour in Lanzhou will bring you the beautiful scenery of Yellow River. And It is also a good place to appreciate the unique culture of Islamic. Then make your way to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. During the tour of visiting Lhasa, you will see the famous world heritage the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, and you are going to visit the monasteries that full of Buddhist characteristic. And you may have a good opportunity to witness the spectacular view of Mount Everest.


Lanzhou is a transportation hub connecting western and central China. There are multiple flights to many large cities from Lanzhou. With three train stations, Lanzhou is the termination of the Longhai Railway, an important east-west rail route in China. Thus it is so convenient to travel to Tibet from Lanzhou. If you wanna travel to Tibet from the mainland China, Lanzhou is definitely a suitable gateway. And you are supposed to take at least 3 days in Lanzhou to explore this beautiful city. After that, make your way to Tibet to explore this holy land.

Many travelers like to fly to Lanzhou first then take train to Lhasa.
Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province is one of the popular gateways to Tibet, This Lanzhou Tibet tour will take you to visit both Lanzhou and Tibet. During the tour, you may see the splendid view of nature and appreciate the profound Buddhist culture of those two places.
Lanzhou Tibet Nepal Overland Train Tour
Starting from Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, it just take one day to Lhasa by train, then travel westwards along Friendship Highway, you will finally arrive in Kathmandu by crossing Himalayans, passing by Gyantse and Shigatse -- the historical and cultural cities of Tibet.

8 days Lanzhou Tibet Nepal Overland Train Tour


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