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Nyingchi Map

  • by Cherry
  • Last Updated: 2024-06-01

Nyingchi area is located in the southeast of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is famous for the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon - the world's deepest canyon. Nyingchi has plentiful forests and vast farmlands due to lower altitudes and moist weather. It is also one of the few pure lands in the world that are involved by human beings.

Nyingchi in Tibet map.
Nyingchi is located in the east of Tibet.
The locations of the attractions in Nyingchi.
Major tourist attractions in Nyingchi.
Main spots to enjoy peach blossom festival.
The popular route to enjoy the peach blossom festival in Nyingchi.
7 counties in Nyingchi.
The counties in Nyingchi Prefecture.

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