Best Time for Trekking in Tibet

Tibet is really a great and beautiful place for trek and hike. And going at Tibet trekking season, you will be able to see great mountains on your trekking route and different kind of peaceful animals on your way. You will experience the pleasure of your time spent if you go at the best time for Tibet trekking.

Tibet is actually an excellent and stunning location for a hike and walking. At the appropriate Tibet trekking season, you will certainly have the ability to see wonderful hills on your hiking course and various sort of tranquil pets on your way.

Spring and Autumn are the Finest Seasons for Hiking

The Spring and Autumn time which are specifically from April to May and also August to October respectively are the very best time for Tibet trekking. Throughout these times there is no rainfall that quits your walking scenic tour in Tibet and also it's not too hot to stroll in the wildness of Tibet. These make it the Tibet trekking season.

In order to know the best time for Tibet trekking. As a trekker, the climate is the first thing you need to understand. Because during the trek, you need to walk through several passes and hillsides. So, if you come to Tibet in an inappropriate period which is not Tibet trekking season, you will certainly not have the ability to finish your trek route as you could not have the ability to go through passes, which means you will not be able to achieve your goal and you may probably fall sick. So, as trekkers, the weather condition is very essential for you to take note, and go at the best time for Tibet trekking.

Trekking in Tibet in Summer and Winter

In Tibetan winter and summertime, if you intend to take pleasure in a Tibet trekking tour you could encounter rainfall as well as snow due to the condition of the weather. Tibet is a summer resort compared to various other cities in China due to high altitude. In summer when you go through passes it could even be snow on the top of the pass due to its high altitude and you will certainly not have the ability to make it, for being not the best time for Tibet trekking.

Trekking means we’re going off the road, getting on hillsides and all various places, due to these it’s possible to slide on a slippery area which could result to a big problem. So, in Tibetan summertime, it’s recommended to have pleasure with a short trek.

In the Tibetan winter season, it's extremely chilly and you will most definitely not to make it through passes and also you will not have the ability to hike as you desired. That’s why it’s highly recommended to come in the spring and autumn season which is the Tibet trekking season and the ideal periods to hike in the highland.

Tibet is really a great place for trekkers.

Most Popular Trek Routes

Available there, are two greatest and ancient trek routes which were known as, Ganden to Samye trek and Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp trip.

One is from Ganden monastery (First Gelugpa sect monastery) to Samye monastery (First monastery in Tibet which was built in the 8th century with the help of Guru Padmasambhava). Both two monasteries are the center of Tibetan religious culture. Hiking from Ganden to Samye is one of the most popular routes in Tibet. This trek route covers lakes, beautiful alpine forests and meadows, and you might see nomads and some animals and beautiful birds in an alpine area. This hiking may begin less than 50km from Lhasa but it is a demanding 4-5 days, over a distance of 80km and crossing 2 high passes over 5000m. If you can't complete it in the number of days, you can eventually extend it one more day in order to get your trek line completed.

Tingri to Everest Base Camp route is the other one, which also covering about 70 km and taking 4 days while you have to go through two passes and about two canals. On the way, you will certainly have the advantage to see great Mount Everest and Mount Cho Oyu which is likewise over 8000 meters, which you will be able to see many passes from top of hill and passes and you can also see wanderers and their herds and you could be able to see deer and mountain goats from range.

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