Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour

12 Days
Lhasa - Gyantse - Shigatse - Old Tingri - Trekking to EBC - Shigatse - Lhasa
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At the beginning, you will visit Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, to see those world-known attractions---The Potala Palace, Barkhor street, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, etc.. After that, here comes the trekking. This is a big challenge not only for your body but also for your spirit. You need to hike 70km in 4 days from Tingri to Everest Base Camp. Although it’s really a hard way, you will see the breathtaking scenery of plateau with altitudes ranging from 4400m to 5200m. You will know how to survive in the wild. And you will have a close contact with the highest mountain in the world. In the end of this tour, you will know a new you, the one after suffering, the one so different than before.

1 Arrival in Lhasa (3680m)
2 Lhasa sightseeing
3 Lhasa sightseeing
4 Lhasa- Gyantse(4040m)- Shigatse(3840m), 360km, approx 6hrs
5 Shigatse -Old Tingri (4300m), 310km, approx. 6hrs
6 Trek-①Old Tingri-Lungchang(4510m), 12km, approx. 5hrs
7 Trek-②Lungchang- Nam-La(5150m), 21km, approx. 8hrs
8 Trek-③Nam-La- Zommug (4790m), 22km, approx. 8hrs
9 Trek-④Zommug- Rongbuk (5100m) and EBC (5200m), 15km, approx. 6hrs
10 EBC- Shegar(4200m)- Lhatse(4050m)- Shigatse(3840m), 327km, approx. 8hrs
11 Shigatse - Nyemo(3800m) - Lhasa, 417km, approx. 9hrs
12 Lhasa departure
Day 1 Arrival in Lhasa (3680m)

This is the first day that you enter Tibet. Your guide will greet you at airport or railway station and transfer you to the lovely hotel. It usually takes around 1.5 hours to drive from Lhasa Airport to downtown Lhasa and takes about 20mins from Lhasa Railway Station. Tourists could have a look at Yarlung Tsangpo River, the largest and longest river in Tibet on their way to the hotel. After check in, you can have a good rest first. And if you feel like to go out, you can wonder around the city. But just remember that don't take too much stuff, try to go with a light pack. Meanwhile, drink some more water. It’s really useful to get acclimatized to the high altitude.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Day 2 Lhasa sightseeing

After rest one night, today you will recover sufficiently to launch your Lhasa city tour, with a close contact with Lhasa, the political, economic, cultural, communication and tourism center of Tibet with a history over 1300 years.

At first, you will go to the Potala Palace, which is the symbolic place of Lhasa and also the winter palace of the Dalai Lama. It was built by the 33rd. great king of Tibet in the 7th. century. The gilded burial stupas of former Dalai Lamas and meditation Cave of the 33rd great king of Tibet are the most worth seeing in Potala Palace.

After lunch, you are going to Jokhang Temple, which was founded in the same time and by the same king with Potala Palace. From outside, you can see many pilgrims making prostrating in front of the temple. From inside, you can see the statue of Buddha Sakyamuni at his age of 12.

Barkhor street is the next destination that women love a lot. Because it’s a famous busy walking street where they can go shopping. There are many distinctive shops that sell different Tibetan stuff, like handicraft, Thangka, and so on. Except for shopping, tourists can also join the Kora with pilgrims and locals, to explore Tibetan religious culture more deeply.


You can go to visit the Tibetan handicraft art or Tibetan Traditional Medicine center if time is enough. You can also watch the Tibetan Culture Show in the evening for USD60 per person at your own expense.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

The original Potala Palace was built by the King Songtsan Gampo for his bride in 637 AD, and it was rebuilt by the fifth Dalai Lama.
khang Temple has a beautiful golden roof, which will attract you when you get close to it. The golden roof of Jokhang Template. Ancient wooden beams and rafters can be found under the roof.
Day 3 Lhasa sightseeing

In the morning, you are heading to Drepung monastery, which means Monastery of Collecting Rice in the Tibetan language. It's a white magnificent construction that looks also like a pile of rice in the distance. Drepung monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, where lived more than 10 thousand monks before Tibet liberation.

In the afternoon, tourists will pay a visit to Sera Monastery, which is one of the "great three" Gelug monasteries of Tibet. Monks debate starts around 3 to 5 p.m.. It’s very attractive even if you don’t understand what they are talking about at all. If the debate is not your type, you can also see the three sand Mandalas and colorful Rock Painting of Budda inside of the monastery.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Drepung Monastery was the largest monastery in Tibet, with over 10,000 monks. Now, this monastery houses about 700 monks.
Sera Monastery has a rich collection of cultural relics
Day 4 Lhasa- Gyantse(4040m)- Shigatse(3840m), 360km, approx 6hrs

You will go to Shigatse from Lhasa via Gyantse today. Firstly, you can have a glimpse of Yamdroktso Lake during the way to Gampala pass (4790m). This is the holy lake surrounded by plenty of snow-capped mountains. And special views of Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar (7191m) ---the highest mountain near Lhasa, comes out later soon.

You will see the Karola Glacier when we pass it on the roadside. After hanging pray flag at Simila Mountain pass, we will arrive in Gyantse, the third largest city in Tibet after Lhasa and Shigatse. We shall visit Pelkor Monastery and Gyantse Dzong.

Gyantse Dzong, the hero city that witnesses the history of the fierce fighting. It was 1904, British troops started to attack China here, and Tibetan people defended for their homeland with simple weapons. The bloody war lasted for more than three months. This is also the basic story of the famous movie named "Red River Valley".

Then we will start to go to Shigatse. It normally takes one and a half hours to drive from Gyantse to Shigatse, where we may visit the traditional barley mill and have the unique sights of barley field (in summer).

Stay overnight in Shigatse

Yamdroktso Lake is a freshwater lake in Tibet
The white glacier is spectacular from the highway
Day 5 Shigatse -Old Tingri (4300m), 310km, approx. 6hrs

Before we drive to Old Tingri, we will visit the famous Tashilunpo Monastery, the home of Panchen Lama.Then we will go to the old Tingri, which is different from the new one called Shegar. From there, you can have a good rest and prepare the next four days of Trekking.

Stay overnight in Tingri

“Tashilhunpo” means “Auspicious Sumeru” in Tibetan language
Tashilhunpo Monastery covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters
Day 6 Trek-①Old Tingri-Lungchang(4510m), 12km, approx. 5hrs

From today on, you will start your trekking tour within the next four days. Today we'll have a 12km test first, from Tingri to Lungchang. En route, we will pass the Tingri plain and Ra-chu Valley. You can see the great valley view with sheep and goats. You can also visit a small monastery in Choelun in the end of the day.

Tips: For this four days trekking, we can offer the camping equipment, and you must prepare one pair of hiking shoes.

Stay in camp in Lungchang

Day 7 Trek-②Lungchang- Nam-La(5150m), 21km, approx. 8hrs

After one-day trial trekking, today you will face a harder one as you will go up into the mountains. You need to climb to Nam-La pass. And the distance is longer than yesterday's, it's 21km.

Camping at Nam-la valley

Day 8 Trek-③Nam-La- Zommug (4790m), 22km, approx. 8hrs

Today you will meet some yak herders and their families in this small village--- Zommug. And you can enjoy the different sunset on the poor land. It must be impressive. And please do have a good sleep, because you will see the EBC tomorrow.

Still Camping, at Zommug

Day 9 Trek-④Zommug- Rongbuk (5100m) and EBC (5200m), 15km, approx. 6hrs

Here is the last 15km left today, you must be eager to see the final destination, Everest Base Camp. You will get to Rongbuk Monastery first. It is the highest monastery in the world. You can have a great view of Mt. Everest from there. Then we will trek to EBC and camp there.

Stay at Tent guesthouse

At the site of Rongbuk Monastery, you can view the highest mountain of the world brightly shining and clearly sparkling. The snowy peak seems happily to touch the blue sky.
It is nice to watch the sunrise and the sunset at EBC. And if you couldn’t fall asleep at night, it is worthy to enjoy a spectacular starry sky on a clear night.
Day 10 EBC- Shegar(4200m)- Lhatse(4050m)- Shigatse(3840m), 327km, approx. 8hrs

The great sunrise of Everest Peak is far out of your imagination. Enjoy the peaceful and wonderful morning you've never had. After that, we will go to Sakya via Shegar, Lhtase. If we have enough time, you may relax by enjoying the Xiqian hot spring near Lhatse. Then we will go to visit Sakya Monastery, the main monastery of Tibetan Buddhism Sakyapa.

Stay overnight in Shigatse

Sakya Monastery
Sakya Monastery
Day 11 Shigatse - Nyemo(3800m) - Lhasa, 417km, approx. 9hrs

Today we will go back to Lhasa via Nyemo county.

As the birthplace of Tibetan language, Nyemo is well-known for its three treasures, Tibetan paper, incense, and engraving. And you can go to visit the incense workshop today, to get a close contact with this national intangible cultural heritage. And then, the driver will take you back to Lhasa.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Titetan Incense Workshop in Nyemo
Tibetan Engraving
Other service: Local Tibetan Family Visit
Day 12 Lhasa departure
Your tour ends today. Our guide and driver will collect you from your hotel to transfer to Lhasa Airport/Railway Station for your next destination.

Our private customized Tibet tours are ideal for families, small groups and individual travellers who desire a more thorough and intimate introduction to Tibet. Price varies with size, season, hotel rate. etc. Please fill out this form so our travel designers can start helping you plan a trip.

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Good Day, We are interested in a overland trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Normally this is an 7 days trip including visiting Lhasa and some POI on the road to Nepal. You are offering trekking aswell. Is it possible to combine trekking to Everest basecamp and end of the trip at Gyirong/ Nepalese border? Looking forward to your reply, Best Regards, Robert Holtrop



In your inquiry, you mentioned two of you would like to do the 12 Days Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour which is a private tour. We can arrange this private tour to you. May I know when would you like to do this tour?



We're planning on visiting Tibet somewhere mid November 2018. We're pretty flexible if it comes from traveling Lhasa-Kathamandu/Kathmandu-Kathmandu or Kathamandu Lhasa. Would it be possible to send me some options and also some sight on how much this wil cost. Greetings, Daan



In your inquiry, you mentioned that two of you would like to visit Tibet in November. We have a 7-day Kathmandu Gyirong Lhasa Overland Group Tour with a departure date on 2nd. November. Please check if you like the itinerary.



We are planing a trip to Tibet in 2019. We would like to do some days sightseeing to see the best of Tibet and have some days hiking as well.Please, can you send me some programs ans prices.When are the month month to travel.Regards,Martina Walker



The best time to travel to EBC would be May, June, Sep and early Oct, EBC is relatively less windy and clear during these months. It is also better for trekking tour. Referring to the prices, different season different fees, different year different fees. We don't have the prices for 2019 yet. We could only offer prices for 2018 for your reference.

 Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour is a private customized Tibet tour.

For travelers less than five, we usually suggest them join our group tours to keep the cost down. Frankly speaking, the price for this 12-day private tour is more expensive than a 15-day group tour.

We have a 15-day Mt.Everest & Mt Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour (This is the only group tour including three days' trekking and also one of the most popular group tours).



12 days Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour in August From: Nance



Here is the brief itinerary for your interested 12 days Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour



Good afternoon.I am interested in Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour.Do you have a group and a spot for me in late April/ early May 2018?Thank you in advance for the information.Belma



In your inquiry, you mentioned that you are interested in our 12-day Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour, which is a private tour. Usually, for a solo traveler, the best option is to join our group tour to keep the cost down. We have a 15-day Mt.Everest & Mt Kailash Kora Pilgrimage Group Tour starts from April 22nd. which is involved with Mt. Everest and three days of trekking tour around holy Mt. Kailash. There is one traveler booked. Would you like to join the tour?

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