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Lhasa to Xining Train

  • Last Updated: 2023-12-04

Taking the train from Lhasa to Xining, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and appreciate the unique ethnic customs of Tibet. The train route from Lhasa to Xining is 1956 kilometers long, takes 21/22 hours, and passes through the two provinces of Tibet and Qinghai, passing through various terrains such as plateau meadows, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, canyons and rivers, the scenery is spectacular. Especially the scenery between Lhasa and Golmud is the most beautiful.

Lhasa to Xining train
Lhasa to Xining train at Hoh Xil.

Train Schedule of Lhasa to Xining Train

The train from Lhasa to Xining passes through Nagqu, Amdo, Golmud and finally to Xining. Since the trains' departure time is different, each train has different scenery along the way. You can choose different trains according to your needs.

In general, if you take the earlier train from Lhasa, you can see the most spectacular and beautiful scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway during the day. For example, if you are taking train Z6802 departing at 8:10 am from Lhasa, you will see the sunset at Hoh Xil and arrive in Xining the next morning. You can almost see all the scenery except the Kunlun Mountains and Qinghai Lake. To view the scenery clearer, you may wipe your train windows before departure.

Train No.   Dep. - Arr. Duration Soft-sleeper Hard-sleeper

Z6802 Lhasa to Xining

08:10 - 06:33+1 22:23 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495

Z9814 Lhasa to Xining

08:30 - 06:00+1 21:30 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495
Z8982 Lhasa to Xining 09:25 - 06:25+1 21:00 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495
Z166 Lhasa to Shanghai 11:50 - 09:15+1 21:25 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495
Z266 Lhasa to Guangzhou 12:40 - 10:20+1 21:40 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495
Z22 Lhasa to Beijing 15:50 - 13:20+1 21:30 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495
Z6812 Lhasa to Xining 17:50 - 15:28+1 21:38 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495

Z324 Lhasa to Chengdu

(Every other day)

19:00 - 16:30+1 21:30 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495

Z224 Lhasa to Chongqing

(Every other day)

19:00 - 16:30+1 21:30 USD120 / CNY781 USD76 / CNY495

Highlights of Lhasa to Xining Train

Along the way, you will see Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, Changtang Prairie, Cona Lake, Tanggula Mountains, Tuotuo River, Hoh Xil, Kunlun Mountains, and Qinghai Lake in turn. You will see the following scenery:

Changtang Prairie

Changtang Prairie is a grassland on the Northern Tibetan plateau in Nagqu, known for its vastness and high altitude. In summer and autumn, Changtang Prairie looks amazing. Looking at the grassland from the train, flocks of yaks dot the vast grassland, which is as beautiful as heaven.

Cona Lake 

Located in the hinterland of the grasslands of northern Tibet grassland, Cona Lake is one of the seven holy lakes in Tibet and the highest freshwater lake, as if it were a mirror of the sky. The railway is only a few meters away from the lake at the nearest place, making this freshwater lake, one of the highest in the world, seemingly within reach.

Cona Lake
The train passes by Cona Lake.

Tanggula Mountains

Tanggula Mountains are in the section of the highest altitude area of 5000M+ at Qinghai-Tibet Railway, but trains generally do not stop here. Tourists can enjoy the snowy plateau landscape through the train window. You'll see completely different landscapes on either side of the train -- undulating snowy mountains on one side, desert on the other.

Tuotuo River

Tuotuo River is not only a river, but also a scenic zone. This area is distributed by a number of rivers formed by melting glacier water, including the Xiushui River, Tongtian River, and so on. Trains are usually built over these rivers by bridge. Looking at the Tuotuo River from the train window, you can see the broad river with silvery light shining on the water surface.

Hoh Xil

In Hoh Xil, you can see the beauty of no man's land. You have a chance to witness rare wild animals such as Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, Tibetan wild donkeys, and Tibetan gazelles running on the grasslands, as well as continuous snow-capped mountains, magnificent lakes...

Kunlun Mountains

This majestic mountain range, which stretches for more than a thousand kilometers, provides a stunning backdrop for the train journey. Looking out of the window, you will see towering snow-capped peaks, deep canyons, and majestic mountains.

Qinghai Lake

As the largest inland lake in China, Qinghai Lake is located in a vast territory, with immense prairie and lush grass. The lake is surrounded by four lofty mountains, looking around, like four huge natural barriers, Qinghai Lake tightly around them.

Lhasa to Xining train
The train along Qinghai Lake.

​Facilities Onboard

The train from Lhasa to Xining is equipped with air conditioning and oxygen supply systems. The oxygen concentration, temperature and pressure in the carriage are kept balanced. The configuration of each carriage is almost the same as that of an airplane. It has two sets of oxygen supply systems: one is a "diffusion" oxygen supply, which supplies oxygen by mixing the air in the air-conditioning system to maintain the oxygen content of each carriage at an appropriate level, which makes passengers feel like entering an "oxygen bar". Another set is an independent interface oxygen supply. The oxygen supply is free of charge, and a separate oxygen supply outlet can be used at any time if a passenger feels hypoxic. The oxygen outler is distributed under the seat, on the corridor wall, and above the sleeping berth.

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