Top 5 best places to visit in Tibet

  • by Nance
  • 2017-12-08

Located on a plateau north of the Himalayas, Tibet is known as the Roof of the World and the highest place to heaven. If it’s your first time to travel in Tibet, you should never miss the top beautiful natural attractions listed below.

# 1 Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash is one of the famous Sacred Mountain and known as "Treasure or Saint of Snow Mountain" in Tibetan. It located in far western Tibet’s Ngari prefecture, more than 1200 kilometers from the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa. As it only rises to 6,714 meters, it is not particularly high as far as peaks in the Himalaya, but there are no other mountains in Tibet that are as holy as Kailash. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit the Mt. Kailash. Walking one circle around the mountain can help you amend all the sins which committed in the whole life.


#2 Mount Everest

Mount Everest, lies along the border of Nepal and Tibet, is the highest peak in the world. As the highest point of the world, the Mount Everest covers with snow throughout the year. When the glaring sun comes out, the peak becomes very pure and beautiful. In addition, many precious plants and animals live in the National Nature Reserve which built in the area of Mount Everest.  It has two Everest base camps, one is in the south of Nepal, the other is in the north of Tibet. The north side of Everest in Tibet offers a far superior view than the Nepal side. Unlike the south side of Everest where you only can trek to Everest base camp, you can drive to Everest Base Camp in Tibet. Before reaching to Everest base camp, you will come to the Rongbuk monastery to enjoy the splendid landscape of the world's highest peak.


#3 Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake which is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet should not be missed by any tourists who travel in Tibet. In Tibetan, Namtso means "Heavenly Lake”. It’s a holy lake for pilgrims. In the earlier times, pilgrims will go to one of the islands in the lake, living in seclusion for the whole summer on the island. From late May to mid-September, you will see nomad Tibetans herding a group of yaks and sheep in the area. If you only have time to visit one lake in Tibet, Namtso Lake is great to choose!


#4 Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon


Yarlung Zangbo River is one of the deepest and longest canyons in the world. It began at Mount Kailash and then reached the junction of Mainling and Medog countries, carved with a U-shaped canyon near the mountain Namjagbarwa, the highest peak in the eastern part of the Himalayas. The Grand Canyon is home to many wild animals and rare plants. There are nearly 5,000 species of vegetation in the Grand Canyon. So it has won the reputation as a natural arboretum, natural zoo, Plant Gene Bank and much more.


#5 Guge Kingdom

Located in the western part of Tibet, the ancient Guge kingdom is a surprising place where a few visitors reach to experience. It has established in the late 10th century and close to the modern town of Zanda country. For seven hundred years ago, Guge kingdom was a Buddhist religious center and an important trade center hub between Tibet and Central Asia. Now, tourists can view the ruins of palaces, whose inscriptions on a tablet, statues and murals. Besides, Guge Kingdom has also charming attractions such as Monastery, Dungkar Village, and the Piyang Caves. You will have a great memory here in a lifetime.

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