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Talung Monastery(达隆寺) is lying in the green fields of the Pak-chu Valley, the sprawling monastic complex of Talung Monastery is around 120km north of Lhasa by road. Rebuilding had been underway the past few years but not on the scale of other, more important, monasteries in the area.

Talung Monastery was founded in 1180 by Tangpa Tashipel as the seat of the Talung school of the Kagyupa order. At one time it may have housed some 7000 monks (it currently has 160), but was eventually eclipsed in importance and grandeur by its former branch, the Riwoche Tsuglhakhang in eastern Tibet.

The site's most important structure was its Tsuglhakhang (grand temple), also known as the Red Palace. The building was reduced to rubble but its impressively thick stone walls remain.

To the south is the main assembly hall, the Targyeling Lhakhang. Look out for the destroyed set of three chortens, one of which contained the remains of the monastery's founder.

To the west in the main monastery building, the Choning (Tsenyi) Lhakhang is used as a debating hall and has a statue of the bearded Tashipel to the right. The fine cham maskes are worn during a festival on the eighth day of the eighth month (the destival clothes are in a metal box in the corner). Snarling stuffed wolves hang from the ceiling of the protector chapel next door.

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