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Located in the intersection of the Himalayan Mountains, Nyainqêntanglha Mountains, and The Hengduan Mountains, Namcha Barwa is the highest mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture. Belonging to the Himalayan Mountains, the high altitude of the Namcha Barwa is about 7,782 meters. Crowned as the fifteenth highest mountain in the world, Namcha Barwa is highly recommended as “The most beautiful snow mountain in China”. The summit of the mountain is covered by heavy snow all year round, and the shape of the mountain is as sharp as the lance. It is always surrounded by heavy clouds, so it is very difficult for a tourist to see the face of Namcha Barwa. Therefore, it is also known as Shy Mountain in Tibet. That’s why Namcha Barwa always keeps a mysterious image and allures thousands of travelers from all over the world. At the foot of this mysterious mountain, the natural scenery is attractive. You can enjoy the boundless peach blossom in this “The Jiangnan in Tibet”. Especially in spring, during the celebration of the “Nyingchi Blossom Festival”, here is the paradise of photographers.

According to ancient Tibetan Buddhism, Namcha Barwa is regarded as the sacred site for Bon religion, and it is also named as the Father of the Tibetan Mountains. It is very difficult to climb Namcha Barwa due to the earthquake and snowslide. No one had ever conquered Namcha Barwa until 1992.

The monsoon in this region is a bit long and it always lasts from May to September. It almost rains every day in July, August, and September. So the clouds are heavier than in other months. From November to April in the next year, the weather is dry and sunny. The best time for mountaineers to climb Namcha Barwa is from February to April and from October to November. However, you should take some warm clothes owing to the big difference between the daytime and night.

Guided by the local tour guide, you have no need to worry about other things, except enjoy the stunning natural views along the way. There are several observation decks on the way to Namcha Barwa. You should take some dry food in your bag because there is no shop on the zigzag road. If you are thirsty, you can drink natural water in the creek. It is very clean without pollution.

The road condition is hard and complex. With an abrupt cliff, narrow path, deep valley, and running river, only the brave man who is fond of adventure can overcome the fear. Looking far into the distance, you may only see white clouds in the sky. But if you are careful enough, you will see that the white thing is not just the clouds. Actually, some part of the white thing is the peak of Namcha Barwa. It is amazing that the summit is confusing with the clouds totally. When the sun rises from the mountain, you can see the peak shining in the sky.

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