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A stay in this gorgeous tiny rural village, a couple of kilometres east of the small town of Lunang, is for many travellers a highlight of a trip to this part of eastern Tibet. Surrounded by fields of deep green barley and bright yellow rapeseed, and framed by forested mountains, Tashigang, with its pigs and chickens roaming free, is made up of a handful of large stone Tibetan block homes, six of which have been converted into fabulous family guesthouses.

This is a wonderful chance to stay with a Tibetan family and eat genuine Tibetan home-cooked food, and the countryside offers an almost endless selection of walks. Locals are also on hand to rent horses for short treks into the hills.

Some villagers turn their homes into guesthouses. All of them have almost identical facilities and prices. If you are planing for shops or a restaurant, walk 20 minutes east along the main highway to the one-street town where you can find a couple of Tibetan teahouses and some Chinese restaurants.

Attractions nearby Tashigang

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