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Tibet Tourism Bureau

  • Last Updated: 2023-01-25

Tibet Tourism Bureau is a national administration under Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government. It is located at No.3 Norbu Lingka Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China, and manages the tourism of Tibet.

This administration contains six parts: office, Market Development Department, Industry Management Department, Planning and Finance Audit Office, Political Work and Department of Personnel, and Tourism Quality Supervision and Management.

According to the rules and because of the special traditions, cultures, and environmental protection, non-Chinese travelers must apply for a Tibet Travel Permit to travel in Tibet. International travelers, including Taiwanese travelers, overseas Chinese, and travelers from other countries, must have this permit. However, Hong Kong citizens don’t need a Chinese Visa or Tibet Travel Permit to visit Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit is also known as “Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit”.

Tibet Travel Permit, which is also known as “Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit”, “TTB Permit” or “Tibet Entry Permit”, is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa. It’s also called “Tibet Visa” by some people.

For international travelers, a Chinese Visa is indispensable to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. You can get a Chinese Visa from the Chinese embassy in your country easily. However, according to laws, journalists and diplomats from other countries can’t visit Tibet.

 Hong Kong citizens don’t need Chinese Visa or Tibet Travel Permit to visit Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit can’t be applied as an individual traveler. The Chinese government doesn’t allow international travelers to travel alone in Tibet. To protect Tibet as well as visitors, foreign travelers should be organized in a group accompanied by a permitted travel guide during the tour in Tibet. If you want to travel to Tibet with the permit, you’d better book a tour from a Tibet Travel Agency. Located in Lhasa, Great Tibet Tour guarantee you the Tibet Travel Permit and the departure date once you book our tour. We offer various group tours and private tour packages in Tibet, you can choose a suitable itinerary with our help. After sending us the deposit for your itinerary, you can send us your documents, such as the scan copy of your passport and Chinese Visa. We will deal with the permit for you. However, days are needed to submit your documents to the Tibet Tourism Bureau and get your permit. You are suggested to book your tour at least one month before the departure and send us your document as soon as possible.

We will send the permit to your hotel in your first destination in China, we promise that you’ll get it in time. Once you get the permit, take care of it. When you are boarding the train or plane to Lhasa or checking in hotels in Tibet, or even at checkpoints on the roads in Tibet, the permit may be checked. Whichever transport you choose to travel to Tibet, by plane, by train or by overland driving, a permit is always needed.

Tibet owns breathtaking scenery.

If you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal, the document required is a Group Chinese Visa instead of a Chinese Visa. It can be applied at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu and 3 working days are needed to get it. It's not troublesome. If you book our Tibet Nepal tour, we’ll prepare all the needed permits for you.

There’s no need to worry about the Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit if you plan to have a Tibet tour with us. Don’t hesitate, we will offer you the best travel experience in Tibet.

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Typically Asked Questions from Our Clients

Asked by Lars***

Hello, I'm German living long time in China with an Chinese Permanent Resident ID card (the so called green card). As green card holder do I still need to apply for the Tibet entry permit. Is is possible for me to book with my Chinese wife and individual tour or must I follow tour group same as international tourists?

Answered by Beatrice

As a permanent residence visa holder, you still need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. So if you are going to travel to Tibet with your wife, you can either follow a group or private tour arranged by a Tibet Travel Agency. 

Asked by Asha***

Good day , I’m interested to know if Tibet will be open to international visitors July 2021 ?
Thank You

Answered by Catherine

In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to visit Tibet in July 2021. From the current situation, Tibet should be open to international visitors in 2021. May I know if there is any specifically interested itinerary?

Asked by Jose***

Hiya, me and my wife wanting to join the tibet and EBC 8days tour leaving Beijing on the 5th of August. We are British national and currently abtained the Chinese visa. Would u be able to arrange the Tibet permit and the return flight or train ticket from Beijing. Could u please email me your quotation per person. Also is it possible for my 9 years old Girl to join this trip and how much does it cost ?

Answered by Nance

Due to Tibet's unique background, apart from a Passport and a Chinese Visa, all foreign tourists allowed to enter Tibet must have Tibet Permits. We could surely get all your necessary permits to Tibet after your tour booked with us. We need your passport and China visa copies to apply for them from Tibet Travel Bureau before tour starts and get them to you usually within 12-working days. Once I get your Tibet permit, I will mail it to your hotel in Beijing. 

It's okay for your 9 years old girl to join this 8 days Lhasa  Mt. Everest tour. In April, I have two guests from Singapore with their 10 years old boy and 13  years old girl enjoyed this trip.