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As a bright pearl shining in the west of China, Tibet Autonomous Province has a rapid development owing to booming tourism. Located in the high Tibetan Plateau, the Roof of the World has formed an unparalleled Tibetan scenery. Because of those unique views, Tibet hosts tens of thousands of foreigners every year. However, traveling to Tibet is not as easy as other Chinese provinces for international travelers. And there are lots of restrictions stipulated for them. According to the rule, foreigners must apply for the Tibet Travel Permit which is issued by the Tibet Travel Bureau. This permit has a great influence on your tour in Tibet. Without it, you are not allowed to enter the border of Tibet, board the train or air to Tibet, check in local hotels, visit Tibetan attractions, etc.

Normally, an individual has no right to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. Only a local Tibetan owned travel agency can apply for it. That is to say, before your Tibet holiday, you should book a Tibetan tour operator and authorize them to help you finish the process of application. You just need to send your passport and Chinese Visa 15 days early to the agency before starting your tour. Then, you will get it as soon as the permit is issued.

Apart from the Tibet Travel Permit, you also need some other permits like Alien’s Travel Permit, Military Permit or Tibet Border Pass which are used in some restricted areas like Mt Everest, Mt Kailash, etc. If you enter Tibet from Nepal, you should apply for the China Group Visa.

We Great Tibet Tour offer the following services:

  • The application of Tibet Travel Permit
  • The application of Chinese Group Visa (Tibet tour from Nepal)
  • The application of Alien’s Travel Permit
  • The application of Military Permit
  • The application of Tibet Border Pass

Online Tibet Permit Application

Example of Military Permit for your Tibet travel

Military Permit

The tourist Military Permit is one of the document issued by Military office in Lhasa. It's an additional permit besides your Tibet Travel Permit. If you are going to Ngari for visiting Mt. Kailash or Lake Mansarovar, you need to apply your Military Permit one month before your departure.

Alien's Travel Permit

Alien's Travel Permit

Alien's Travel Permit, also being called as PSB, is required if foreigner travelers wish to visit the territories outside Lhasa, such as Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi, etc.

tibet permit

Tibet Travel Permit(Tibet Visa)

Tibet Travel Permit/Tibet Visa/Tibet Entry Permit is a mandatory document for travelers to enter Lhasa or travel around Tibet. It's issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. To obtain your permit, you need to book your tours with the local Tibet travel agency prior and they will handle it for you.

We got tens of Tibet Travel Permits each day.

Permit Application

Input the Tibet Travel Permit application online, we will help you get your Tibet Visa successfully! According to the related rule, all travelers need to input all detailed info about your Tibet tour for applying your Tibet Permit.

China visa

Chinese Visa

Your Chinese Visa is required to obtain Tibet Permit if you plan to get to Tibet from mainland China. How to smoothly apply for Chinese Visa in your country? Check the details and find the answers.


Why Not Mention Tibet During Your China Visa Applying

When you go to Tibet, your experienced tour consultants would advise you not to mention Tibet during your China Visa application. But why it is so? What about the documents for visiting Tibet? Check more for detailed info.

China group visa

China Group Visa

China Group Visa is required for international travelers who will enter Tibet from Nepal. It can be applied from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. So, what is China Group Visa? How to get it? What's the difference between China Group Visa and Chinese Visa?

Tibet Tourism Bureau is a national administration.

Tibet Tourism Bureau

Tibet Travel Permit, which also known as “Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit” or “Tibet Entry Permit”, is the indispensable permit for international travelers to travel to Tibet.

Independent travelers cannot get tibet travel permit without a tour currently.

Permit without Tour

Some of tourists want to obtain Tibet Permits without tour while according to the regulations, it is impossible for us to help with Tibet Travel Permits for independent travelers anymore.

a sample of Nepal Visa

Nepal Visa

International tourists can get a Nepal visa on arrival when reaching Kathmandu airport; and road borders at Nepalganj, Birganj/Raxaul Bazaar, Sunauli, Kakarbhitta, Mahendranagar, Dhangadhi, and Rasuwagadhi. USD30 for 15 days single-entry Nepal tourist visa.

Tibet Border Pass is required when you travel to some remote border areas in Tibet.

Tibet Border Pass

When tourists plan to travel to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash and other border areas between Tibet and other countries, the Tibet Border Pass is required. While, this pass can not be applied by themselves, and travelers should ask help from the travel agency.

indian to Kailash

Tibet Visa for Indian

For Indians, if you travel to Tibet except for Ngari, you will get a Tibet visa like other international travelers. If you plan to visit Ngari, you will be considered a pilgrim. If you have a passport from the US or other countries, you will be treated as a normal tourist even if you go to Ngari.

Bhutan visa

Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Visa is the most important entry permit for traveling to Bhutan. For US and Canadian citizens, getting a visa is a very easy procedure by booking a Bhutan tour. For Indian citizens, you just need to apply for a permit for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Tibet Travel Permit?

    The Tibet Travel Permit (also being called as Tibet Visa) is a kind of independent document issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTP). It contains two pages: the first page will list the full name of the travel agency you commissioned, your tour group number, detailed Tibet tour dates, and your traveling places in Tibet; the second page is the Travel Group List including travelers’ names, age, passport numbers, sex, nationality and profession of each member.

    According to the law of the Republic of China, foreign tourists need to have a Tibet Travel Permit when they enter Lhasa or any other places in the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It can only be applied by your commissioned Tibet travel operator. You need to take the original Tibet Travel Permit to board a flight to Tibet successfully; a copy of TTP is necessary when you board a train to Tibet. What’s more, if you choose the overland tour to Tibet, you also need to take your Tibet Travel Permit.

  • Who Needs to Get a Tibet Travel Permit and Who is Not Necessary to Get One?
    • Tibet Travel Permit for the Ordinary International Tourists

      In order to protect Tibet’s unique ethnic traditions, cultural and natural heritage, ecological environment, and improve the service capacity and traffic condition, the National Tourism Administration claims that ordinary international tourists from the west and south Asian countries, have to get a Tibet Travel Permit before entering Tibet.
      Tourists from the Nordic countries, such as Norwegian and Denmark now are available to get a Tibet Travel Permit. But for Bhutan citizens and Indian pilgrims, they can only seek help from Pilgrim Center (non-government) in Tibet to get a Tibet Travel Permit. We don’t have the authority to help them apply for a TTP. Except for Bhutan citizens and Indian pilgrims, we can offer help for the application of the Tibet Travel Permit under any kind of situation.
      We can’t receive diplomats, journalists, and government officials in Tibet.

    • Tibet Travel Permit for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residents

      Citizens from Hong Kong and Macau don’t need to get a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet. They can use their HK/Macau SAR Passport and Home Return Permit instead of a TTP.
      Taiwan citizens need to get a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet. Overseas Chinese or Chinese immigrants without a Chinese passport still need to get a China Travel Visa and Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet.
      Note: Nowadays, with the change of the policy, Taiwan citizens are not allowed to enter Tibet. If you are from Taiwan and obtain an American, Canada or any other country’s passport, you can be treated as an ordinary foreign tourist to Tibet.

    • TTP for Indian Citizens

      Ordinary Indian tourists will be treated as other international tourists. For Indian pilgrims who travel to Tibet for a religious purpose, only Pilgrims Center and Foreign Affairs Office of TRA has the authority to arrange their tour to Tibet and help them apply for a TTP.

    • Travel to Tibet from Nepal

      If you choose to enter Tibet from Nepal, you need to get a Group Tourists Visa and Tibet Travel Permit.
      We can guarantee your Tibet Travel Permit and choose the suitable Tibet tour for you whatever the departure city in China or in Nepal.

  • What do you need to do to get a Tibet Travel Permit?

    In the first step, you need to obtain a China Visa to guarantee you can enter China. You can get it from a Chinese Embassy in your home country or in Hong Kong. There are many kinds of Chinese Visa, and for most of the international tourists to China, a travel visa (L visa) is enough. We can provide help during the process of your China Visa application, such as the travel invitation letter.

    Then you need to email a copy of your passport and China Visa at least 20 days before you depart to Tibet. We will help you to apply for your TTP. Normally, it takes 8-9 working days to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau. And once we obtain, we will deliver it to your address in China, such as your hotel in China.

    With your China visa and your Tibet Travel Permit, you can board a flight to Lhasa. If you choose to get to Tibet by train, you just need to take a copy of your Tibet Travel Permit unless you board the train from Chongqing, Xián and Lanzhou. In the 3 cities, your original Tibet Travel Permit is required before boarding the train to Tibet.

  • How Much does a Tibet Travel Permit cost?

    As long as you book our trip to Tibet, we offer free service on the application of Tibet Visa and guarantee to deliver it before you go to Tibet.