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As one of the most popular scenic sites along Qinghai Tibet Railway, Cona Lake attracts thousands of tourists at home and abroad. Located in Amdo County, Cona Lake is the highest freshwater lake in the world. If you take a train to Tibet, you can have a chance to enjoy the stunning views of this holy lake on its east side.

According to the legend, Cona Lake is the residence of a God in Amdo. That’s why it is worshiped by local residents. Every year, herdsmen in Amdo get up early and head to this holy lake to seek blessings from this God on the first day of the traditional Tibetan lunar calendar. Tibetans believe that all the Gods live in the mountains and lakes, so they have a special emotion for lakes and mountains here. Especially in the Year of Dragon of the Tibetan lunar calendar, hundreds and thousands of pilgrims from different regions flock to Amdo to take a kora around Cona Lake. It just takes one day for pilgrims who live close to finish Cona Lake Kora. It takes dozens of days for pilgrims who stay at a far distance to finish the whole trip. Doing Cona Lake Kora has become a lifetime dream for most herdsmen. It is said that doing kora can get rid of all sins and miseries for the whole life and bless the thriving livestock.

Before you enjoy this attractive place, you should obey the local customs and traditions. You are not allowed to swim in the lake and drive your car into the grassland.

Attractions nearby Cona Lake

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