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  • Last Updated: 2020-06-12
Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu province and a tourist city with the second shortest train route to Lhasa, is an excellent gateway to Tibet. Thus there are large quantities of tourists choosing train tours to Tibet. A train tour from Lanzhou to Lhasa only takes around 24 hours and covers a distance of 2188 kilometers. Traveling to Tibet by train from Lanzhou, you will view the stunning landscape along the snow-capped mountains and tranquil pastures. Also, you can have a good rest to adapt to the high altitude.

map of Lanzhou to Lhasa train route

Lanzhou Lhasa Train Schedule

There are generally about 4-5 trains heading to Lhasa each day including the only one train that originates from Lanzhou to Lhasa every other day. The trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and other cities have a stopover at Lanzhou. As it is a long journey to Tibet from Lanzhou by train, you are supposed to choose a comfortable cabin for a good rest. There are two classes of cabins available, a soft sleeper cabin with a supple bed and more privacy(4 beds in one compartment); and a hard sleeper cabin(6 beds in one compartment). The ticket for a soft sleeper cabin cost about $137 per person while the ticket for a hard sleeper cost about $87 per person. Here we list the schedules and prices of all the trains from Lanzhou to Lhasa.

Lanzhou to Lhasa Train schedule:
Train No. From / To Dep. / Arr. Duration Frequency  Hard sleeper Ticket Soft Sleeper Ticket 
Z21 Lanzhou to Lhasa 12:32/12:45 24h 13min Daily USD87 USD137
Z265 Lanzhou to Lhasa 16:41/16:45 24h 4min Every Other Day USD87 USD137
Z223/Z323 Lanzhou to Lhasa 09:29/09:55 24h 27min Daily USD87 USD137
Z917 Lanzhou to Lhasa 11:16/11:20 24h 4min Every Other Day USD87 USD137
Z165 Lanzhou to Lhasa 18:34/19:35 25h 1min Daily USD87 USD137
Lhasa to Lanzhou Train schedule:
Train No. From / To Dep. / Arr. Duration Frequency Hard sleeper Ticket Soft Sleeper Ticket
Z166 Lhasa to Lanzhou 11:30/12:17 24h 47min Daily USD87 USD137
Z266 Lhasa to Lanzhou 12:55/13:25 24h 30min Every Other Day USD87 USD137
Z22 Lhasa to Lanzhou 15:50/16:15 24h 25min Daily USD87 USD137
Z918 Lhasa to Lanzhou 09:00/09:24 24h 24min Every Other Day USD87 USD137
Z224/Z324 Lhasa to Lanzhou 18:40/19:33 24h 53min Daily USD87 USD137

(One thing should keep in mind that your Tibet Travel Permits are required when foreigner tourists are checking in the train from Lanzhou to Lhasa.)

Notice: The timetable and schedule are just used for reference. Actually, at present, Tibet travel is quite popular that the actual ticket requirements far exceed the supply. As a result, tourists have to pay more than the net price to buy tickets. Sometimes, even the travel agencies have to buy the tickets from the scalpers. Therefore, we can help you book the train tickets in and out of Lhasa by adding a little service fee (subject to different seasons and cities) on the net price to guarantee the tickets for you. Please trust us that we don’t have any profit on this matter.

Facilities of Lanzhou Tibet Train

Lanzhou Lhasa train is equipped with modern facilities. There is one dining car offering food and drinks. There are toilets and washing basins at the end of each coach. The spoiled water is 24 hours available for free. In addition, As it is a journey to high altitude, the high altitude sickness should be taken into consideration; the Lanzhou Lhasa Trains equipped with two kinds of oxygen supply systems to help passengers reduce the effect of high altitude. So there is no need to worry too much about suffering from altitude sickness on board.

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