Midui Glacier is regarded as 1 of the 6 most beautiful glaciers in China by China National Geography Magazine. It is located in Yupu Town, about 100 km east of the county seat of Bome. Being famous for its grant ice basin, for its frequent snow avalanches, and for its giant ice cascade as long as 700 to 800 meters, it coexists with snow mountains, forests, lakes, villages and temples in harmony. It’s a natural park of glaciers.

It is at the combining site of Nyenchen Tangula Mountain and Boshulalling, which is the biggest ditribution area of the monsoon oceanic glaciers. The man peak of Midui Glacier is 6800 m above sea level. Midui Glacier is formed from the convergence of two excellent ice waterfalls, sandwiching a stretch of lush green virgin forest. Glistening, soul-stirring ice cliffs are everywhere at the head of the glacier; at its leading edge extends into sub-tropical evergreen broadleaf forests.

Midui Glacier is standing right next to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway with super convenient transportation. It shines with the snow light all year round. In addition, the scenery there is miraculous and fascinating.

It is a place famous for its biological diversification. The county attracts many tourists every year with its glaciers, grand canyons, forests and geological parks.

Chengdu – Kangding - Pomi – Nyingtri - Lhasa

This is a journey starts from Chengdu and ends to Lhasa. Crossing two provinces, you can visit all the meaningful places along with the Sichuan-Tibet highway by 4WD Land Cruiser, such as Kangding, Litang, Pomi, Nyingchi, etc. exploring the holy land step by step.

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