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Tibet mapTibetan Plateau is the world's highest plateau, with an average altitude of 4,500 meters/ 14,750 ft. It's known as the "roof of the world" and "Third Pole" due to high elevation. It is highly suggested to spend about 3 nights in Lhasa or Tsetang, the relatively lower altitude places of Tibet first before moving further to other higher altitude places.

Actually the lowest place in Tibet is Nyingchi with an elevation of 3,000 meters/ 9,843 ft, and the highest place in Tibet is Ngari, with an elevation of 4,500 meters/ 14,764 ft.

Here Great Tibet Tour provides you with the altitude of Tibet's towns & attractions, both in meter and feet, in order to give you a rough idea of what you will be dealing with, also to help you select sights suits you best. 

The Altitude of Prefectures/Cities/Towns


Altitude by Meter

Altitude by Feet


Altitude by Meter

Altitude by Feet

Lhasa Prefecture

3,650 m

12,100 ft


3,650 m

12,000 ft

Shigatse Prefecture

3,800 m

12,500 ft


4,000 m

13,123 ft


3,800 m

12,467 ft


4,300 m

14,108 ft


2,800 m

9,186 ft

Ngari Prefecture

4,500 m

14,800 ft

Shiquanhe (Ali/Ngari)

4,280 m

13,960 ft

Nagqu Prefecture

4,500 m

14,800 ft


4,500 m

14,764 ft


4,200 m

13,780 ft


4,800 m

15,748 ft

Shannan Prefecture

3,700 m

12,100 ft


3,580 m

11,745 ft

Nyingchi Prefecture

3,100 m

10,200 ft


3,100 m

10,171 ft


2,750 m

9,022 ft

Chamdo Prefecture

3,200 m

10,500 ft


3,200 m

10,499 ft

Altitude of Attractions


Altitude by Meter

Altitude by Feet

Lake Namtso

4,700 m

15,420 ft

Yamdroktso Lake

4,500 m

14,764 ft

Tashilunpo Monastery

4,800 m

15,748 ft

Sakya Monastery

4,300 m

14,108 ft

Rongbuk Monastery

5,100 m

16,732 ft

Mt. Everest Base Camp

5,200 m

17,060 ft

Samye Monastery

3,556 m

11,667 ft

Yumbulagang Palace

3,700 m

12,139 ft

Lake Manasarovar

4,588 m

15,052 ft

Draksumtso Lake

3,700 m

12,139 ft

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