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Lhasa Nyingtri Tsedang EBC Kathmandu Overland Tour

13 Days
From USD2960
Lhasa - Lake Namtso - Nyingtri - Tsedang – Shigatse - EBC - Gyirong – Kathmandu
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This 13-day Lhasa to Kathmandu tour is for you who are concerned about altitude sickness and are keen on highland scenery. First, you'll visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and other landmarks of the holy city of Lhasa. Then from Lhasa, go east heading to fascinating Nyingchi comparable to the Alps and see Lulang Forest and Turquoise Draksum-tso Lake. Next drive to Tsedang, the birthplace of Tibetan culture, where you will witness the famous Tibetan fortress Yungbulakang. After that, go west via Friendship Highway, which is a classic overland journey to Kathmandu. En route, you will admire the world’s highest peak - Mt.Everest and cross the Himalayans. Finally, you will get to exotic Kathmandu. This tour will immerse you in the deep history and culture of Tibetan Buddhism and the magnificent plateau landscape.

DayRouteAttractions & Activities
1 Arrival in Lhasa (3650m) Pick up and transfer to the hotel
2 Lhasa City Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street
3 Lhasa Sightseeing Drepung Monastery, Norbulingka
4 Lhasa - Drak Yerpa - Ganden - Lhasa Drak Yerpa, Ganden Monastery
5 Lhasa - Namtso - Lhasa Namtso Lake
6 Lhasa - Draksumtso - Nyingchi, 465km, Approx. 6hrs Draksumtso Lake
7 Nyingchi - Lulang - Nyingchi, 110km, Approx. 2.5hrs Lulang Forest
8 Nyingchi - Tsedang Niyang River
9 Tsetang - Trandruk - Yumbulakang - Tsetang Trandruk Monastery, Yumbulagang Palace
10 Tsetang - Gyantse - Shigatse Yamdroktso Lake, Karola Glacier, Pelkor Chode Monastery
11 Shigatse - Tingri – EBC, 350km, Approx. 7hrs Tashilhunpo Monastery, Golden Everest Peak
12 EBC – Gyirong Border, 370km, Approx. 8hrs Everest Base Camp, Peikutso Lake
13 Gyirong - Kathmandu, 160km, Approx. 7hrs Transfer to Kathmandu via Gyirong Border

Daily Itinerary


This is the first day in Tibet. Your guide will greet you at Lhasa Gonggar Airport/Railway Station and transfer you to your hotel. It usually takes around 1 hour to drive from Lhasa Airport to downtown Lhasa and takes about 20 minutes from Lhasa Railway Station. Tourists could have a look at the Yarlung Tsangpo River, the largest and longest river in Tibet on their way to the hotel. After check-in, you can have a good rest first. And if you feel like going out, you can wander around the city. But just remember that don't take too much stuff, try to go with a light pack. Meanwhile, drink some more water, and do not move strenuously. It’s really useful to get acclimatized to the high altitude.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

In the morning our guide will meet you at the hotel and first take you to visit the famous Potala Palace, the cardinal landmark of Tibet and the masterpiece of Tibetan architecture. It was first built by the 33rd King - Songtsen Gangpo in the 7th century and rebuilt later by the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17th century. Now it's a museum and world heritage site. 

In the afternoon, we will go to visit Jokhang Temple in the center of the Lhasa old town. Jokhang Temple is the most sacred temple in Tibet and it is always bustling with earnest local pilgrims since the early days. After that, you will take a walk around the Barkhor Street - one of the most devotional circuits as well as a crowded central market of Lhasa. Barkhor Street is a very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple and the locals are always proud of it. As a symbol of Lhasa, it‘s also a must-see place for visitors.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

In the morning, we will visit Norbulingka, which is a typical Tibetan-style royal garden, the summer resort of the Dalai Lama. There are a lot of towering trees, exotic flowers and plants in the garden, as well as many collections of cultural relics, Buddha statues, pagodas, thangkas, murals, etc. They are all very precious treasures.

In the afternoon, you are heading to Drepung Monastery, which means Monastery of Rice Heap in the Tibetan language. The entire monastery is large in scale and the white buildings cluster and cover the hillsides. Drepung monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, also the highest-ranking monastery in the Gelug Sect.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

In today's excursion outside of Lhasa city, we'll take you to Ganden Monastery which is about 50km northeast of Lhasa. Ganden Monastery is the most special one of the top six Gelug monasteries in Tibet, as it's built by the founder of the Gelug sect - Tsongkhapa in 1409. It's quite worth seeing if this is your first time to travel to Tibet.

En route, we will also visit the less-known-by-tourists Drak Yerpa hermitage, which is about 16km northeast of Lhasa. It's an ancient temple that has a history of more than a thousand years. After passing through a rugged path to the temple, you can see the beautiful scenery in the distance. Compared to the Jokhang Temple and Sera Temple, which are full of incense, there are not many tourists. Only devout Tibetans burn mulberry to worship here, and you can feel the tranquility brought by Tibetan Buddhism.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

On the way to Namtso, you will have a far view of the Nyenchen Thanglha Snow Mountain. Enjoy the view of the vast grassland and spectacular natural scenery. You'll arrive at Namtso Lake after passing Nagela Pass(5150m). Namtso Lake is one of the three most holy lakes in Tibet, also the third-largest salt lake in China and the highest lake in the world. The name Namtso means “lake from heaven” in the Tibetan language. And the gorgeous landscape is really like heaven.

In late afternoon, you will drive back to Lhasa.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Today we will depart from Lhasa via the G318 national highway, then enter the Lhasa-Nyingchi Expressway and proceed along a canyon. We will visit the national forest park, 5A scenic spot Draksumtso Lake, which means "green water" in Tibetan. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and there are Tibetan-style temples on the islands in the lake. It is a famous sacred lake and holy place of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

After visiting Draksumtso, continue to Bayi Town (Nyingchi), at an altitude of only 2500 meters. You can enjoy the Southern Niyang River Valley along the way.

Stay overnight in Nyingchi

Lulang means “Loong King Valley” in the Tibetan language, or “a place that will make you forget your home”. It is located abt 80km from Nyingchi. Lulang is not only a forest but also grassland and a pasture. There is dense vegetation, diverse species and prosperous wildflowers. In each season, it shows a different landscape.

Stay overnight in Nyingchi

After breakfast, we will drive from Nyingtri to Tsedang, known as the "Birthplace of Tibetan Culture". All the way, the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Niyang River is accompanied. The distance is 540 kilometers and the estimated travel time is 6.5 hours or so.

Stat overnight in Tsedang

Today, you will visit the major sights of Yarlung Valley in Tsetang, which is considered the cradle of Tibetan civilization. We will go to Trandruk Monastery in the early morning. It's also one of the earliest Monasteries in Tibet. The Pearl Thangka is the highlight of this visit. Then we will head to Yumbulagang Palace, which was the first palace in Tibetan history. The scale of the temple is small, but it's very spectacular as it's towering over the hill and condescending on the top.

Stay overnight in Tsedang

Tour to Shigatse via Gyantse, en route you will pass by Khamba-la Pass(4794m), where you will be amazed by the breathtaking glimpse of the holy Yamdrok Lake with its turquoise color and snowcapped Mt.Nyenchen Khangsar in the distance. About two-hour-distance away from Yamdrok Lake is Karola Glacier. It isn’t a big glacier, but the white glacier is spectacular from the highway, and it is close enough (about 300 yards) to walk from the highway.

Arriving at Gyantse, you will visit Pelkor Chode Monastery. This magnificent multi-door structure is not only the largest stupa in Tibet but also has old sculptures and paintings all around its inner walls. Then head to Shigatse via the fertile Nyangchu Valley, a wide agricultural plain where colorfully decorated yaks and horses are used by Tibetan farmers.

Stay overnight in Shigatse

In the morning, you will visit the home of Panchen Lama - Tashilhunpo Monastery and then drive to Lhatse, a small town located 150 km from Shigatse, and you may have lunch in the local restaurant. After a short rest, you will go ahead to Tingri. You will pass Tsola Pass(4,600m), and Gyatsola Pass(5,248m). In the late afternoon, you enter Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve. You can enjoy the panorama of the Himalayas at Gawula Pass (5,198m). Then you'll drive along the New Zigzag road to Everest Base Camp(5,200m) to stay overnight. If the weather is good, you can have a clear view of the sunset of the Golden Everest Peak.

Stay overnight in Nomad Tent(Dorm Bed)

You can get up early and enjoy the sunrise of Everest Peak at the lodging area if the weather is good. After sightseeing, we will drive to Gyirong, the border that connects Tibet & Nepal. On the way, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking vista of Mt. Shishapangma and Pekutso Lake. After passing the Ghungtang Lhamo(5,236m), we will arrive in Gyirong in the late afternoon.

Stay overnight at Gyirong Town

Drive to Gyirong Port in the early morning. You are required to walk on your own to cross the border bridge which is about 50m long. Your Nepali driver will greet you on the other side of the bridge and transfer you to Kathmandu. Although the distance between Gyirong Port and Kathmandu is only over 160 kilometers, due to the poor mountain road conditions, it takes 6-7 hours from Gyirong Port to Kathmandu.

Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Tour Price and Service

From US$2960 p/p

Based on 3-star hotels for 2 people in low seasons. Price varies according to travel season, number of people and level of accommodation.


  • Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit and all other necessary permits to Tibet;
  • All entrance tickets fee for tourist attractions listed in the itinerary;
  • Experienced local English-speaking tour guide;
  • Travel-licensed vehicle according to group size & season as itinerary needed including gas and parking fee;
  • All lodging listed in the itinerary; it’s your decision about the accommodation class: luxury 5-star international hotel, comfortable 4-star hotel, economic 3-star hotel, or guesthouse. Please tell us your preference;
  • Breakfasts provided by hotels;
  • Pick-up & Drop-off service from Airport/railway station;
  • Travel Agency Liability insurance;
  • Government tax;
  • Express delivery fee of Permit (eg. SF. Express);
  • Food & lodgings for guide & driver;
  • Oxygen tank for emergency use;
  • Two bottles of mineral water per person per day.


  • International flight to and out of China;
  • Chinese Visa/China Group Visa; (Note: we could help you by providing the hotel or domestic flight reservation copies for your Chinese Visa or the invitation letter for your China Group Visa)
  • Domestic flight/train to and out of Lhasa; (We can help you book the domestic flight/train ticket at the BEST price. Please contact us for details.)
  • Meals are not included but we will recommend some good ones for you according to your requirements. Usually, it takes 3-10 USD per person for each meal.
  • While the gratuity for guide and driver is NOT mandatory, it is expected. Based on their service, you can tip them on the last day of the tour. Each of you is suggested to tip them 5-10 USD/day in total;
  • All the commission and tax charged by PayPal, Bank, and government when making payment. (e.g. PayPal --- 4.4%. Wire transfer --- 2%);
  • Personal expenses, like laundry, phone call, snacks, soft drinks, optional tour activities, etc.
  • Anything not mentioned in the Inclusions.

Typically Asked Questions from Our Clients

Asked by Ms. ***

Interested about "13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour." Want to know the availability of the trip.

Answered by Beatrice

Dear Ms. Jyoti Lee,

Currently, Tibet has not yet opened to international tourists. But rumor goes that it might open in the second half of the year, so it's possible for you to have this journey. May I know where you are? Also, if you are traveling alone, I suggest you join a group tour first, then have a few days' private tours, therefore you can not only visit all the places listed in "13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour" but also save cost greatly. What do you think?


Asked by Foo ***

I am interested in this itinerary for spring 2020 april but without going to kathmandu. Can you give me a similar itinerary but flying back from lhasha instead

Answered by Cherry

Dear  Foo,

Thank you for sending us an inquiry! This is Cherry from Great Tibet Tour at your service.

Great Tibet Tour is a local tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet. It founded in 2005 and recommended by Lonely Planet as one of the best reputed local Tibet travel agencies. We specialize in arranging Tibet travel for foreigners, as well as other parts of China & Nepal.

In your inquiry, you mentioned a group of you would like to have the 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour and fly back from Lhasa in 2020. 

Here is the itinerary of 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Tour.

Asked by Elin***

We are a group of 5, 3 adults and 2 children. I would be arriving in Lhassa on the 17th of October by plane and the rest of the family would be arriving by train around October 10th. We are interested by this 13 days tour. What is the cost of such trip ? We prefer gesthouses rather then hotels.
Thank you
Best regards
Eline Fussler

Answered by Catherine

In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to have the 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour in Oct.17th with your family. It is quite a good choice to come in cool autumn, the weather will be really pleasant and the scenery here, especially in Nyingtri and Lulang, are beautiful. We can arrange this tour for you. I also learned that your family are going to take a train to Lhasa and will arrive around Oct.10th, and you can only arrive till Oct.17th by plane. So your family are going to be in Lhasa 7 days earlier than you, right? In that case, your family could enjoy a lot of their free time in Lhasa city to experience the realy life of Titeban people. A guide is always stand-by, he will show up whenever your families need him by just a call.

Asked by Anja***

I would like to get more information about the 13 day tour to Tibet. I could start from Nepal around the 25th of july. Do you have a group tour around that date and how much does it cost to take part in it?

Thanks for your answer.
Anja Stein

Answered by Cherry

In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to have the 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour which is a private tour. As travelers less than five, we often suggest they join our small group tour to keep the cost down. 

From Nepal to Tibet, you are required to apply for China Group Visa at China embassy in Nepal with our assistance even if you have had China Visa already. After you book your Tibet tour with us, we will send an official invitation letter for you to our partner in Kathmandu. After your arrival in Kathmandu, our Nepali partner will meet you for your original passport. With invitation letter, your original passport and one photo (passport photo size with white background), our Nepali partner could help you get your China Group Vias there within 3 working days). 

May I know when will you arrive in Kathmandu? If you arrive in Kathmandu on Jul.25th, you can get your China Group Visa on Jul.29th. May I know your nationality?

We have 12 Days Lhasa Mt Everest & Mt Kailash Kathmandu Group Tour with the departure date on Jul.29th. Is it available to you?

I will quote for you after you confirm the itinerary. By the way which hotel star do you prefer? Economy 3-star hotel or comfortable 4-star hotel. 

Asked by Floo***


We would like to do a tour from 23rd of juli till 3rd of augustus, ending in Kathmandu.

I would like to know how much this costs for two persons.

Thanks very much!

Answered by Cherry

In your inquiry, you mentioned two of you would like to have the 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour or 13 Days Nepal Tibet Natural Scenery Tour. 

Here is the itinerary of 13 Days Lhasa Nyingtri Mt.Everest Kathmandu Tour.

I will quote for you after you confirm the itinerary. By the way, which hotel star do you prefer? Economy 3-star hotel or comfortable 4-star hotel.

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Paro Dzong

As I return home from my Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet adventures, I owe you a very BIG “ THANK YOU “, for making it one if not the best trip ever! Your thorough planning, flawless execution and above all your willingness to respond to ALL of my questions is most appreciated. I must give a big compl ....

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