Dekang Hotel is a Tibetan-family run 4-star hotel located in a quiet and exclusive area of the Lhasa Old Town. It's an exquisite Tibetan style hotel.

Dekang Hotel is located across the old town inside a small lane. On the map, it looks like you need 5-7 mins to walk to the old town(Barkhor street), but you will probably take about 10-15 mins to walk there instead, due to acclimatization. From here, you also can walk to the Potala Palace Square for about 25 minutes, and walk 200 meters south to the Lhasa River. There are few cars here, so it's little noisy and you can sleep well.

Dekang Hotel has a restaurant within the hotel, called Tsampa Restaurant, which serves decently good buffet breakfast in the morning. Sometimes when the occupancy rate is low, the hotel would have you order food from the kitchen. In addition to Chinese and western breakfast, there are Tibetan Zanba, milk tea, butter tea, very delicious. The hotel also employs well-known cooks and hairdressers with high salaries from Nepal, who can provide guests with unique and delicious delicacies and create an excellent image. There are small food stalls selling vegetarian noodles next to the hotel. The food is really cheap if you compare it with the restaurants in the old street or the hotel. There are a cafe bar and a souvenir shop opposite the hotel. They sell really good things. There are many grocery stalls nearby, so water or snacks are not a problem.

One disadvantage is that the lobby of the hotel is smoke-free. Overall, this is a great hotel for a fantastic price. The rooftop bar at Dekang Hotel has a wonderful view of Potala Palace. The staff is friendly and they do offer oxygen bottles if you need it.



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