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Tingri Everest Hotel

Tibet Tingri Everest Hotel is located in Baiba Town, Tingri County, at the foot of Mount Everest. It is about 510 kilometers from Lhasa, about 240 kilometers from Shigatse, about 240 kilometers from Zhangmu border port, about 340 kilometers from Gyirong port, about 100 kilometers from Everest base camp, and about 5 kilometers from China-Nepal border inspection station. It is one of the hotels with the highest altitude in the world, also a must-stop resting camp for those who come to the Mount Everest region for tourism, scientific research, exploration, and mountaineering.

The hotel has a variety of room types for travelers to choose from. It can provide 80 free parking spaces. The restaurant can accommodate 180 people for dining at the same time. It also has large conference rooms, bars, business centers, shopping malls, car rental departments, etc. Moreover, there has been a large-scale renovation in recent years, with 40 new guest rooms. In 2021, oxygen supply facilities have been completed in all rooms, making all facilities more complete. It is a famous and popular hotel in the area, and it also can receive foreign tourists.

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