The Gesar Hotel (Kangding Gesaer Jiudian) is located in Kangding, facing Paoma Mountain and Guoda Mountain, both just across the rive.  The Hotel Lobby contained many artworks and objects of cultural interest.

On offer are 97 rooms equipped with central air conditioning, fridges and safes. Business rooms are equipped with broadband internet access.

Gesar hotel restaurants of different styles between 15 rooms in the most luxurious rooms, it for 16 people, with is repast, the adornment of the cabin and equipment are very luxurious, tableware are all gold.Another private room is equipped with first-class audio-visual equipment, can also be used for the small kangba theatrical performances when you dine.Colored sea tea in kangding it on the second floor of the hotel, it includes the hall and five rooms, can accommodate 40 people.You can while enjoying the tea drink, see the urge to kangding city, monkey mountain and majestic Guo Dashan scenery.Hotel 4 conference rooms are equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment, can meet the guests professional meetings, symposium, cocktail party or a small demand such as song and dance performances.

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