Everest Tent Camp is a group of yak fur tents lining the side of the dirt road between Rongbuk and Base Camp. Tibetans from Tashi Dzom and other nearby villages run the nomad tents like small hotels from about April to Oct.


The nomad tents of Everest Tent Camp are cozy and warm despite the altitude and cold air. Each nomad tent is run by a local Tibetan family. You are sharing their temporary home.


The nomad tents usually have 7~8 benches that doubled as the beds at night - all surrounding a fire fueled by yak dung. Surprisingly there was no stench!! There is no running water, but each nomad tent usually get water from the local snow-melt stream and have a barrel in the tent. Food was cooked over the same fire and was surprisingly tasty.


The nomad tent has electricity available during the daylight, so you can charge your mobile phone here.


The nearby public toilets are the standard squat over a hole in the ground. Take plenty of toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand gel as there is no running water or electricity to be found.


There is a post office there, where for a 10 yen fee you can mail your EBC ticket (which doubles as a postcard). If you want more postcards, you can pay quite a hefty fee (50 yen) to buy one from the post office.

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