Tingri Roof of The World Hotel is located in Baiba Township of Tingri country. At foot of Mont Qomolangma southwest part of Tibet, this hotel is 510 km far from Lhasa, 240 km from Shigatse, 240 km from Zhangmu, 100 km from the base camp of the world famous Qomolangma and 5 km from No.1 Checkpoint of China-Nepal Highway. It is one of the highest elevation hotels in the world. While it is standing in the golden tour line between Rikazhe to Zhangmu, which is not only the only way for tourists from north and south, but also the first base camp and optimal rest camp for those to region Qomolangma for touring, investigation, exploring and mountaineering. The region of our hotel belongs to has been classified as “state-Grade Mont Qomolangma Nature Preservation Zone” inside where there are several most splendid landscape of alpines and valleys in he world, such as Mont Qomolangma with elevation of 8844.43 meters and other four peaks above 8000 meters above sea level, i.e., Luozhi Peak, Makanu Peak, Zhuoaoyou Peak and Xisiabangma Peak. As saying for the valley to be developed soon that has been reputed as “Most Beautiful Valley on Earth” in 1992. Gemagou has very beautiful alpine landscape and very dense primitive forests where is the most beautiful place in the whole Himalaya Mountains and even in the whole china. The primitive ancient temples and nature of fresh air have the strong appeals for those living in the area of high buildings with crowd population and serious environmental pollution. There is about 120 km distance from Gemagou to Tingri Roof Of The World Hotel.

Warmly welcome you to stay at Dingri Zhufeng Hotel and Snow Leopard Inn and wish you have a very pleasant time here.

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